Anyone doing BFL as a vegetarian?

  • Is anyone else doing the BFL challenge as a vegetarian? If so, what are you eating for protein?

    As of right now, I eat low-fat cottage cheese, non-fat plain greek yogurt, low-fat string cheese, egg whites, smart (soy) dogs, tofurky links, and veggie burgers. I'm not a fan of tofu, but have been trying. I can eat it when it's blended into something with no problem. I've also started incorporating a little fish for variety, but it's minimal.

    Any new ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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  • What about mixing whey protein powder into things?

    Also, do they have Quorn products where you are?  They are high protein vege-products made from a mushroom/fungus base.  They're pretty good, but they might only be available in the UK.

  • I have a daily protein shake or bar and mix protein powders into certain foods when I can. I've never heard of Quorn, but will definitely see if I can find it in the grocery stores here. Perhaps the healthier food markets will carry it. I'm just trying to find more protein alternatives before I burn out on the ones I already eat.

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  • I also use low-fat buffalo mozzarella for my protein sometimes.  I'll eat it with sliced apple, or the traditional sliced tomato and fresh basil...

  • Im not vegetarian but my son is (he isnt doing BFL but another intense 12 week program)

    I usually prepare all his food for him since I also need to eat clean. (I do eat chicken tho)

     We eat ALOT of egg whites and protein enriched whole wheat pasta for our carbs. Brown Rice, Quinoa (high in fiber and protein), Beans (black, refried, chic peas), edamame, soy crumbles (looks sort of like frozen cooked chop meat) veggie burgers (higher protein ones) Black bean burgers, Chix "chicken patties" (all soy of course found at BJ's) "fried" tofu with broccoli, nuts & natural peanut butter with low sugar/natural jelly on whole grain flatbread rounds. He isnt a big dairy eater  so soy milk and Kashi with vanilla protein powder is a breakfast staple as well as oatmeal with the same vanilla protein powder mixed in and soy cheese for a change to mix in the egg whites.

    There is more but just a rough idea of what he is doing (and still making awesome gains in the gym)

    good luck with your journey :)


  • I would first ask if your reason for vegetarianism are for ethics or health?  If for your own values, then I respect those as yours, but if for health, then I think you should reconsider.  We know now that it's not a healthier diet for a myriad of reasons.  

    As for doing this without meat, I would suggest you look into Vega, that's a vegan protein shake that is so well rated that even some meat eating bodybuilders use it.  I've heard it takes some getting used to and is expensive so obviously you need to weigh everything according to your needs. 

    Soy is a poor source of protein and cheese is terrible.  The BFL book only mentions fat free cottage cheese and no other type of cheese product.  I would suggest drastically increasing your bright green veggies, which actually have a nice amount of protein, using carb sources that have both, like quinoa and using whey and eggs for your primary protein sources.  Greek yogurt at night for your casein and you are good to go!  This certainly can be done without meat.  

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  • Congratulations on following a plant based diet! I cut out all animal products for health reasons and the change has been amazing and wonderful! It  can be a challenge but the benefits are sooooo worth it! With the exception of B12, there is no nutrient that you can not readily get from plant sources so there is no reason you "have" to eat animal products other than taste preference. Hemp protein powder can be used for shakes and is one of the few "complete" veggie protein sources. However there is little need to worry about getting a single "complete" protein if you are following a diet with a variety of plant protein sources. You can also get rice and pea protein powders. Vega gets a lot of good press but is pretty disgusting tasting For the price and taste factor, you can do much better making your own shakes in my opinion. I try to add green leafy vegetables (particularly spinach and kale) to as many meals as I possibly can for extra protein and nutrients. I even throw kale in my PB2, banana, rice protein smoothie and it tastes just as good if not better than if I left it out.

  • You cannot get EPA from a plant based diet, only Omega 3 in the form of ALA, which isn't what your body needs.  

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  • mixing hemp seeds into things. higher protein grains like steal cut oats, quinoa

    Oh an here is a protein shake that is very yummy

    - 1 banana (not over ripe)

    - 2 Tablespoon of Plain yogurt

    - 1 Scoop protein powder I use chocolate

    - some water

    - 2-3 handful of baby spinach

    (No fancy blender needed, place the banana at the bottom of a regular ol' blender so the blades catch. Banana makes the shake! Don't worry about the spinach you can't even taste it.)

  • Thanks Jodi for the recommendations! I'll check out my grocery store to see if I can find some of those products.

    Marathonmama - A lot of my fellow health bloggers make "green monster" shakes, but I'm not really sure what ingredients they use in theirs. I'm going to start throwing spinach in mine to give it a try.

    Uncover - That sounds delicious, thank you! I may just try that tonight =)

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  • Technically I'm not doing it as a vegetarian, but since I'm Eastern Orthodox I'll be eating like one for part of the challenge (Orthodox abstain from meat and dairy products about half the days in any year).

    One of the few "veggie-day" things everyone in our family likes are Boca Burgers. They're vegan, and you can often get 16-packs of them at Sam's Club in the frozen section near the regular burgers; a number of regular groceries carry the 4-packs (I think those burgers may be a bit smaller than the ones in the 16-packs). They can be microwaved fine, though I think the texture is better if you pan-fry or broil them. They're about 63% protein by calories.

    Boca also has vegan "Chik'n" patties, but they are much higher in carbs and fat than their burgers. One of these days I'm going to try Morningstar Farms' "crumbles" (ground beef substitute) and veggie chik'n strips, which are about 51% and 62% protein by calories, respectively.

    I believe all four products primarily use soy for the protein content.