Protein Pudding

  • When I make instant fat free, sugar free pudding w/ skim milk and add protein powder, it's fine on the first day.  After that it starts to break down/separate.  By the next night it's like lumpy soup.  Should I do something differently?  I'm currently using GNC brand Pro Performance-60 whey protein.

  • the same thing happened to me...I dont usually eat pudding so I didn't know if that was normal...good question.

  • I could only find the whey protein in those huge buckets, and I didn't want to spend that much on it.  So, I bought the EAS vanilla soy protein.  I put in 4 scoops since the pudding was supposed to have 4 servings, and I made it several days ago and it is still good.  

  • I've heard the different types/brands of protein powder are better for different things. I've heard whey is not the best for bakin, although I make nice protein muffins with it. So it might be that whey doesn't work as well as soy for pudding.

  • it is not good to premix protien powder to consume hours after you have made it. the protiens are not stable and can generate bacteria that will not kill you but keep you in the bathroom. this goes for pudding and shakes. So back to your question. I reccomend you switch to cassien protien for your pudding recipes as its consistiency is thicker and it would make a GREAT bedtime snack as it is a slower digesting protien, fueling your body all night while you sleep. MAKING IT WITH EACH SERVING.

  • I just ate a protein pudding tonight that was made on Sat., and it was actually better tonight than on Sat.  I used the EAS Vanilla Pack-Myoplex Lite.  Hope that helps.  :)