portion size

  • I'm struggling a bit with portion size.  This week is a crazy week, so I'm trying to be really simple with my meals.  My first meal is 3/4 cup egg beaters and some kind of fruit.  But i'm struggling with how much fruit - 1/2 cup or 1 cup.  I'm horrible using the fist as a measurement.  My next meal is cottage cheese and yogurt.  Should I be eating 1/2 cup or 1 cup of cottage cheese?

    I'm afraid I won't be getting enough protein if I don't figure this out.  Can anyone help?

  • usually a fist size portion is just about a cup.  I wasnt too sure at first either (week 14 for me..C2 yay) and it worked wonderfully.

    Almost never ate cottage cheese but when I did/do i go with half a cup thats all i can tolerate and I have to blend it smooth and mix it in the yogurt..doesnt taste too bad this way plus ill add Twin Lab Vanilla powder (usually mixes easy with anything i need to mix it in..oatmeal, drinks, yogurt, pancakes etc) this ups the protein factor of most my meals

    Hope this helps :)