Portion sizes for vegetable protein?

  • The book talks about measuring protein portions using the size of your palm. I'm sure that works fine for meats, and maybe for some dairy products. But what about vegetable proteins like tempeh, or tofu, or lentils, etc.? Are there any good rules of thumb for eyeballing portion sizes of those?

    I'll be starting my first challenge April 23, and because of the fasting rules of my Church, 37 of the 84 days will be no-meat-or-dairy days, including all of weeks 8 and 9 and almost all of week 10 (fish will be OK on some of them, but not all). I'm perfectly happy counting grams, but I know there will be days when everything's chaos and I'll just want to eyeball the lentil stew (or whatever) portions and move on. It'd be good to know if I need to pre-calculate appropriate portion sizes, or if there's a good rule of thumb to use.

    I'm also thinking in terms of how much protein supplementation to use, since some of the vegetable protein sources are probably going to run a tad high in carbs to keep the ratios right.

  • I think if you count grams at the beginning, you'll be able to eyeball it pretty soon for those ingredients.  Then just re-measure at least once a month to make sure that your eyeballs aren't helping your portion size to sneak up.