Protein amounts-Please help!!!!

  • How much protein/carbs should I be aiming for per meal? I am confused and I am supposed to start tomorrow and can't find it anywhere in the book!  

  • Just follow the meal plan, 1 portion of protein and 1 portion of carbs per meal, 2 servings of vegtables a day and a serving of healthy fats. I came out to 180g of protien and 180g of carbs without paying attention, thats a perfect ratio 40% carbs 40% protien and i added healthy fats and got to 40g fat 20%. 40/40/20 those are just the number particular to my goals, not for everyone.. It's at the bottom of page 83 highlighted in black, if you do what it says and just make sure the portions are right you wont go wrong. Like for example i consider one chicken breast a portion "4oz" or a half cup of brown rice a portion of carbs.

  • Thank you!!

  • Portion control by fist is the way to go, but a check on where you should be at is good.  If you did your body fat percentage calculate your lean mass in pounds then multiply by 1.35 and that is the total amount of grams of protein you need in a day.  Divide that by 6 and you will get how many grams per meal.  I am shooting for 200lbs lean mass so mine calculates to 270g/ 6 gives me 45 per meal.  Hope this helps!

  • take your weight in pounds, divide it by 6(youhaving 6 meals a day) thats the amount of GRAMS of protein and carbs you need to eat to MAINTAIN current weight, if you going for weight loss start by cutting that number only slightly. so for eg if you weigh 150 pounds that would be 150/6 = 25 grams per meal, so to start losing weight try eating 25 grams of protein and carbs per meal for a week, then drop it to say 23 then 21 a week later the 19 etc, dont go for a big drop initially cos then you wont loose.

    hope that helps, for more advice post a Q on the coffee crew, lots of cleaver folks in there.:-)

    hope that helps.


  • Thank you, that does help:-)