Protein Shakes/ Bars

  • I have just started the 12 week program.  I can't use the Myoplex lite shakes or bars because they contain Soy Protein Islolate.  My doctor has specifically told me not to take any soy supplements.  I have been using Designer Whey protein shakes for the first few days.  This information is few and fair between on the internet and most protein shakes contain soy.  Does anyone have any suggestions for Protein Shakes and/or bars that don't contain soy?  What about the amino acids?  If I do a 100% whey based shake do I need to add an additional amino acid supplement?  If so, which one do you recommend?  

    Thanks for your suggestions!

  • I haven't tried this personally, but there are a few different brands of rice protein powder on I'm sure you can find them locally too. Maybe try searching "vegan protein powder." They are free of soy and contain an array of naturally occurring amino acids. This one has a bunch of positive reviews:

    Hope you can find something that you enjoy. I have found shakes to be so helpful in getting in the nutrients and vitamins I need. They are so convenient! Good luck with your challenge!

  • I'm not an expert but i've been using various protien powders for 20 years, Whey protien is one of the best available quick protiens available. There is no reason you can't use it through the competition I believe abbot labs sells one in a chocolate and a vanilla. Alot of women like soy because of studies that show a reduced risk of breast cancer in women who ate soy in thier diets, but studies also show soy may contribute to inflammation. You cannot get a complete chain of naturally occurring amino acids anywhere except red meat (think steak). You can put together several foods containing various amino acids to form a complete chain, but you have to have the knowledge to do this correctly (legumes and green veggies I think?) Anyway you can also call the helpline and get thier suggestion.

  • I'm not sure  if it's available in the USA but I use "Proteins+" by Genuine Heatlh in Toronto, Ontario. It is free of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives, corn, egg, wheat, gluten, soy and yeast.  Great flavors, high quality & uses Stevia as sweetener, and only 0.2 g fat. However, it's not a full meal replacement, more  a protein shake as it only has 1.8g of carbs to 25.0 g of protein. It also states "Typical Branch Chain Amino Acid per 100g - L-Isoleucine 7.2 g; L_Leucine 11.2 g; Valine 6.3g