• I'm begining my second week.  I think i read somewhere that adding creatine type supplements or betagen are best after you have lost some weight (fat) this true.  Since the betagen is to assist muscle recovery...should I wait a few weeks - will it benefit me now?

    Thank you all.


  • I'm pretty sure that the directions for Betagen say to take it post workout.  I have used it for two challenges and I like the results.  I take mine three times per day.  Once in the morning with water, after my late afternoon weight workout mixed with whey protein and then once before bedtime with water.  Stay on the plan!!


  • Thankyou -  my urgent question is should I wait till I lose some weight before I start with the creatine or Betagen.  I am currently using Myoplex shake right after workout. Will it benefit me to add Betagen?

  • I think that the Betagen increases my strength and endurance.  I think it makes your muscles feel firmer and fuller and helps you to get that "pumped" feeling from a weight workout.  I also believe that it helps you to keep increasing your strength levels.  I would personally recommend that you use it through the challenge.  It takes a few days of taking the supplement to feel a noticeable difference.  I have lost nearly 30 pounds during this challenge using it form day one.... I am now in week 10...I think it works!