Thanks for cottage cheese pancakes!

  • Genarena

    No worries!  

    It was only a little over, and really depends on a persons size.  20 gms of protein and 20 gms of carbs per meal is for an overweight woman that weighs about 150lbs.  A guy or larger person usually needs more.  

    To figure out how many gms of carbs/proteins you need per meal: For a person not terribly overweight, take weight and divide by 6 (meals).  A relatively fit 120 lb woman would need 20gms protein and 20 gms carbs per meal for six meals per day.  But for someone with a lot of weight to lose, you take lean body mass and divide by six.  I weigh 143lbs, but am at least 20lbs overweight.  Should weigh around 120 (maybe less!!), so I use 120 divided by 6= 20.  You can find out lean mass with the calculator on this site.  Plug in some numbers and get the figure.  I don't think too many people should go below 20gms of each per meal though.  Maybe a seasoned vet can chime in if I am incorrect!!

    Hope this helps!  Julie (inVA)

  • Julie-- I always wondered how they came up with the 20/20.  Thanks for clearing that up.  Maybe you can help me---I am 5'4" and started my challenge at 124lbs.  Not overweight but REALLY out of shape.  Never really exercised/dieted as I was blessed with a high metabolism.  I am 42 years old and well that metabolism isn't what it once was which has landed me with chunky thighs and a tummy.  I am at the start of my 6th week and have lost 3-4lbs depending on the day (yes, I am a scale watcher).  My clothes definitely feel looser and I am beginning to see definition in my arms.  Here is the problem.....I still have a stomach that doesn't want to go away.  I really don't care about how much I weigh but feel like I need to loose weight to get rid of the tummy but have only lost 3-4 lbs.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.