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  • Any other seniors out there? Any suggestions - tips for senior for the workout?  I'm only starting with 10 pound free weights (not including the bar) this OK - should I try for a heavier weight (speaking of upper body right now.)

    Thank you,

  • Hi ,

    I am not a senior however when you are lifting weights just make sure your are hitting that level 10 intensity. I think in the first BFL book Bill Phillips asks that questions could you have done one more if I was standing right next to you, if you answer yes then you are only at a level 9. I am only in my first week so I find myself asking that questions almost every time I am lifting and I make a note of it so next time I can start at a higher or lower weight. If you are lifting and you feel that you can't add any more weight that's fine too just keep going at that weight and for the last 12 if you need to lower it that's fine too.

    Hope that helps a little :)