what to eat when

  • Hi there


    My wife and I are about to begin the 12 week program, but I must admit that  Iam finding it a little hard to find information, we have not read the book because we cant get an ebook online, so i really need some assistance please..., our situation is as follows:

    We wake at 06h00 and start work at 08h00

    We intend to train between 13h00 and 14h00 and work ends at 17h30

    We normally go to bed at 22h30

    We have purchased Myoplex shakes, Myoplex bars and 100% whey, we have also purchased Muscle Armor and Phos Force for me and Betagen for my wife.


    I would like to know what to eat and at what time...


    Thanks in advance



  • First and foremost I recommend you get the book and read it cover to cover at least once if you can. Buy it from an online retailer if you cannot obtain it any other way. In the meantime, here is what works for me:

    The general rule with eating is to eat 6 times every day. Each meal should consist of a handful-sized serving of carbohydrates and a palm-sized serving of protein. You can look on this website for acceptable protein and carbohydrate sources. You should also be eating fresh vegetables with at least two meals daily.

    Generally you should be eating a meal every 2 - 3 hours with the exception of before/after your workouts. The way the book explains it, to get the best results if you cannot work out in the morning, then it's best to work out at least 2 hours after your most recent meal, and to not eat another meal for an hour after working out. This will help your body utilize more fats as fuel vs carbohydrates from what you are eating.

    Based on the schedule you've given, your day might look something like this:

    06h00 - wake up

    06h30 - meal 1

    09h00 - meal 2

    11h00 - meal 3

    13h00 - work out

    15h00 - meal 4

    17h00 - meal 5, right before you leave work

    20h00 - meal 6

    22h30 - bedtime

    This is just a sample... you can adapt obviously but this might at least give you a starting point.

    Good luck to you and your wife!