Body For Life Cookbook

  • I have the Body for Life cookbook and I love it!! I was just wondering if the meals were good meals to eat during the challenge.  I had heard that it was more for sustaining weight rather than losing it from people and I just wanted to know people's opions!



  • I used it during my first challenge back in 2006 and lost 33lbs!

  • I bought and am enjoying it, too. The meals I've made have been great but the cheesecake was not that good IMHO. I might have had my hopes up on that one!

  • AliensExiles, I found a couple of tweeks to the cheesecake makes it great.  I double the splenda and the vanilla, and I use fat free cool whip instead of the recipe version.  I put frozen blueberries on it, and I love it.  I've also found it tastes better the second day after it's been in the fridge over night.  

  • Are you talking about the Eating For Life book? I have heart people say that some of the recipes are not good during a challenge. You can judge by reading the BFL approved food list and then reading the ingredient list of the recipe or just common sense of what is healthy. Also I heard that the portion sizes are set to be an average of what a man should eat and what a women should eat. So it would be like 40% of the recipe for a woman and 60% for a man.

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  • I brought the BFL Cookbook salsa with veggies into work and everyone liked it and I actually got two awards from the group, one for most mild salsa and one for Most Creative (probably because it looked different from the rest and was actually good for you too!)

  • Thanks, I will try that. I ate the whole thing (over the course of a week, naturally) but I ended up topping it with blueberry yogurt. I will try the modifications and see how it is!