What about beer on your free day?

  • I was just wondering about beer and alcohol on free days with the Super Bowl coming and al :-)

  • Hey, I'm just today starting this out and I was kind of wondering the same thing. I don't really drink too often (get gnarly hangovers) but I sure would love some chips and beer on SBS....

  • I wouldn't if you are serious about your results.  Alcohol slows your metabolism and it will take a few days to make up for the loss of your hard work. Here's a couple of articles to help you understand what happens.

    http://www.burnthefat.com/affiliate_area/alcohol_and_bodyfat.html and http://www.shapefit.com/alcohol-calories.html

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • My opinion has always been that your free day is your day to enjoy guilt free all those foods you have said no to during the week. As long as you don't overdo it you will be fine. It's not just a physical thing but a mental thing as well. After a free day you will be mentally rejuvinated to attack another week of BFL. The danger comes in when the free day turns into 2 days or 3 days. This is what I've done and have had great results. All the best.

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  • No harm no foul...unless you drink to the point where your workout and diet are impacted the next day....found this to be true for myself thru the years. Enjoy!

  • I have been dry during this challenge and it's been much easier than I thought it would be, but I am TERRIFIED to have  a blue moon on cheat day.  After this challenge is complete I will have one on my cheat day, but will try to limit it to only when absolutely craving it after that.  I'm just so scared it would be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

  • I had much better progress when I gave up alcohol the first 7 weeks of my last challenge than when I drank 2-4 beers on free days during my first challenge. Moderation is good on free day.

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  • That's a personal choice.  you're certainly allowed to have whatever you want on your free day (I will definitely have a couple for the game as well, but I am keeping free of it until then), but keep in mind that you will retain a lot of water weight from it, and it will probably take a week to work it off.  

  • Oh.

    I've been having two or three a week during the challenge and having one or two on my day off as well. Oops.

    But to be honest, I used to have at least one every day and a lot of days I had two or three. So I suppose once I get rid of the beer I got for Christmas, I'll probably not buy anymore.

  • Started BFL 1/9. First free day had a 12 pack miller lite along with 8 hooter breaded wings and other assorted goodies. Second free day had a 12 pack miller lite along with 2 chicken parmesan cutlets and a plate of angel hair pasta.

    To date: down 10.6 pounds, and body fat has gone from 29.5% to 27.7%....go figure. I think it is safe to drink a few beers on your free day and no, I do not buy that it will take you a week to work it out...

  • I also have been having about a six packs worth on my free day, and wings or burgers, occasionally in the middle of the week I might have a couple glasses of wine.  I am at he end of my fourth week and have lost 15 lbs, I love beer and so it was tough to cut out in the middle of the week, but now after finishing my fourth week, I am not feeling that craving for a good Pale Ale.  So I am going to take this free day off from beer and compare the results.  

  • Thanks for all the input Mmmmmmm Beer !!!!!!!!

  • Hey, just wanted to share week 3 results after consuming a 12 pack of miller lite the last two Sundays...dropped 3.8 pounds this week and body fat is down to 27.3%. That's a total of 13 pounds and a 7.5% reduction in body fat...eat and drink what you like on your free day! Just make sure you don't mess up the next day.

    Also, just read an article about drinking a quart of electrolyte drink before going to bed on the night of consuming alcoholic beverages. This will ensure that dehydration will be minimized and you won't have to deal with water retention for a couple of days after. I picked up some Emergen C for tonight!

  • I just finished week 4 and have lost 15.5 lbs and I'm thrilled with my results thus far.  Before starting BFL I used to drink about 16 beers a week.  I haven't had one for the last 4 weeks but oh am I craving some, especially with the Super Bowl coming up next weekend!!!!  I've been progressing so nicely and don't want to sabotage my progress.  How badly would 8 to 9 beers on the Super Bowl hurt my progress???   I think I'm gonna just have some beers and enjoy the Super Bowl.  Go Patriots!!!!  

  • I'm curious if you COULD drink 8-9 beers after not having any for a month