The eating for Life Book? Help!.

  • As a beginner, just starting my third week, I found the book Eating for Life and started using some of the recipe ideas in the book for my meals, especially the dinners. My question is, are the recipes in the book for beginners or are they only to be used after the first twelve weeks? It look like their all balanced but some use low fat products and one dinner even uses corn tortillas. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • No harm done.  However, I belive the book is better as a maintenance tool or for "free days."  There should be an approved food list in the original book or here online.  I'd stick to the basics for the first twelve weeks, and then branch out after that.  Good luck.

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  • It could depend on the person as well. I cook out of the book often and have been seeing some results. But I don't use it for every meal.... Mostly dinners :)

  • Hi davbuff,

    For your best 12-week,  results follow the original BFL book, and you will not be disappointed.

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  • Basically I've followed the plan to the letter and ONLY used the book for diffrent ideas at the dinner table. I've kept within the portions but have found that I need variety to keep going.

  • In looking again at the BFL book, on pages 94 - 96, it seems like the dinners could have come from the Efl book.