What if you're not hungry?

  •  Hi Team,

    What about when you come around to you next lot of food intake and your not hungry?  Do you eat anyway or leave it till you start to feel peckish or maybe wait till the next meal time?


  • Don't skill meals, the more the better to get your metabolism rev'd up!!!

  • Boy I wish I had that problem, I'm finding out I'm so hungry!!

    if your not hungry just cut your portions down.

  • I agree 42feelbetter I am hungry about every 2 to 3 hrs, it gets worse late afternoon into the evening, I think it's because that is when I am used to eating.  I wouldn't eat all day till about 3 or 4 and then eat a huge meal then be fine the rest of the day.  Today was really bad I had to work an 11 hr shift so I didn't eat right on time and I got really hungry and almost cheated, but my loving husband wouldn't let me and I am glad.  

  • Absolutely!! You must eat regularly to keep that "fat burning furnace" called your metabolism running on high. As soon as you start skipping meals your body will hang on to fat cells thinking it will need them later on.....this is called "starvation mode". Keep that metabolism revved up by eating every 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • If you arent getting hungry then you are probably doing one of the following:

    1) not getting your intensity as high as you should be during work outs

    2) portions are too big

    3) eating too much "food"- try replacing 2-3 meals with myplex shakes or bars.

    4)eating meals too close together- sometimes if I woke up later in the day, but didnt want to eat after 8pm, i would find myself scrunching meals together (every 2 hrs). I try to limit that or reduce my meals to only 5 meals that day.

    As for those who are hungry. I totally found that I was hungry when I did the diet before, especially after 8pm and i was wishing I could snack...it goes away though when your body gets used to not eating a bizillion calories of junk. U could always try increasing your protein a little though. At the very least remind your self that you are gonna look hot :-) and you will be eating again soon...