Where do I find some of these recipe ingredients in or around Spfld, MO?

  • There are some recipe's in the Eat for Life book that I'm wanting to do but have not been able to find some of the ingredients at any of the stores like Walmart, Sam's Club, or Price Cutter.

    I am looking for the Butter Buds, rolled oats, and oat flour.  Could I take old fashioned oats and grind them to be used in substitution with rolled oats and/or oat flour?  I live in Springfield

  • try Dillons Superstore at kansas and battlefield and the new Hy-Vee right across the road.  Good Luck!

  • Butter buds or a brand like that are usually in the spice isle. Just in case you did not look there. I got them at my local grocers.

  • Rolled oats are just whole, non-instant oatmeal.  They can be thick or thin rolled, but it's all oatmeal. You can run it through a food processor and make oat flour. (You can also put hulled almond slivers (from the baking aisle) through until smooth and make almond flour.)  Butter Buds are getting harder to find, but the butter substitutes on the spice aisle are fine, just check the carbs and get the lowest possible. I use a store brand.

    Good luck with the program, we love it. We also live just up 13 Hwy in Clinton. Good to know other Missourians are discovering the BFL lifestyle!

  • I bought mine at a walmart superstore. That is soy protein by EAS. You can also go online and order by abbott