Recipe Concerns

  • Hi, this is my first week of BFL and I have some questions about the Recipes on this website.  I am a calorie counter.  I have been counting calories for a long time now, so the process of fist-portion sizes is new to me.  Although I get the idea, I went ahead and looked up about how many carbs vs. protein vs. fat should be getting each meal on BFL and my understanding is it should come out to be about 20-25 carbs and protein each and about 20% fat.  However, when I look through the recipes on this site, a lot of them seem very unbalanced.  Just an example, the Honey Almond Oatmeal would equal 60+ carbs easily in one serving.  Now, this specific recipe does not indicate serving size, so maybe I'm understanding it wrong.  But, even if that is 2 servings instead of one, that still seems high on the carbs/protein per meal.  These recipes say they are approved by the BFL, but are they designed for starters?  Should I be using them?

    Oh, and is Low Sodium V8 ok to drink as a vegetable serving?

  • That recipe is at least two servings. It depends on the type of protein powder how the proportion of carb and protein grams would shake out. I am surprised that the protein powder would be listed as optional. Although if it is left out a serving of eggs or cottage cheese could serve as the protein serving. It's my understanding that all of these recipes are appropriate for BFL, but the final responsibility of balancing falls on the participant. Remember too that it is OK to be a little carb-heavy at one meal and a little protein-heavy at another as long as they balance out over the day.

    I would personally avoid using V8 as a veggie serving as one of the main functions of veggies is for the fiber, which is lost during juicing.

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