Chili OK to eat?

  • I am a recent college graduate (aka poor haha) and my mom froze me a bunch of chili to take back to my apartment. Its tomato sauce, onion, spices, lean ground beef and beans. Would this be ok to have as a meal? If so how much should I have, about 1 cup or less?


  • We eat chili. I make it myself, so I know what's in it, but we had some today, actually. Technically, it is a Free Day, but we try not to go crazy. I figure that lean beef is protein, beans are protein, carbs, and fiber, and tomatoes, peppers, and onions cover my veggies, for a pretty balanced meal.  How much depends on the amount of beans, but here is a recipe from the book, and the portion is huge!

    Lean n’ Mean Chili

    Brown 1 pound turkey in a large pot, add ½ cup onion and cook until onion slices are clear, add 1 large can whole tomatoes, 2 cans kidney beans; simmer for an hour and add chili powder and cumin to taste.

  • chli is great! just dont eat a ton

  • How does this taste? I dont like turkey burger at all.

  • My kids don't like turkey burger in general, but they do like turkey chili. Turkey spaghetti too for that matter. I think the spices make all the difference.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • I have had the Jenny O Turkey burger and found that it tasted great especially with just a little seasoning(ketchup or mustard).  I had it on a whole wheat grain bun to boot to make it even more wholesome with lettuce and tomato to add a veggie touch. Try it you might like it!

  • Try Soy Crumbles by Morning star they are yum! much better than Turkey. They have an Italian flavor.

  • I think chili is an awesome meal!  It's full of protein, good carbs and veggies... and it leaves you feeling satisfied.  Plus, this time of year when it's so cold outside, chili just hits the spot.

    If I have to grab a fast food meal I head to Wendy's for a chili and a side salad.  Yummy!