What's Cookin', Good Lookin'?!?

  • Maybe it's more of a Southern thing, but my family, and many of my friends, often initiate conversations with "What are you having for supper?"  It's just a nice conversation starter, and a great way to figure out what YOU might want for supper (or dinner) yourself.  So, I dedicate this thread to my Mom, who always kept us fed, and sang us Hank Williams in our cribs. 

    SO, What's Cookin', Good Lookin'?   : D


  • Oh, and I'll start:

    Broiled Salmon w/ (no oil) pesto and garlic crust, Dreamfields pasta, and green beans. Got two thumbs up from the hungry hubby! : )

  • Ok, well: Tonight we had "meatloaf" patties made w/ leftover brown rice, lean ground beef, ground turkey, meatloaf seasoning, onions, and peppers. (Cooked on the Foreman Grill).  We had sliced tomatoes and green beans with it.  

    Got a "Delicious!" from the 16 yr old son.  He eats what we eat, but had some leftover pasta and cheese w/ it.  

    That's another thing I love about this program- it's just real food, not a "special diet".  The whole family can still eat together, with just a little modification for his teenage metabolism.  

  • We had Baked Haddock and a tossed salad with chick peas and sunflower seeds.

    Tonight, a pork roast in the crock pot with the salad above!  Luv me some chick peas in my salads :-)


    I am in control!

    Nothing tastes as good as being skinnier feels!

  • I've not tried chickpeas in salad, we are going to have to check those out!

    Bad eating day, kind of. Mexican restaurant for business lunch. I had a salad w/ chicken fajita (meat and veggies only), no other sides.  They said just spices, no sugar. Salty, though!

    We stretched the boundaries of good sense since we were short on time, and went to our favorite chinese buffet. Had the steamed veggies, cottage cheese, and boiled shrimp.  Did get some chicken teriyaki on a stick, dry, no sauce. I know that was too high in something (sodium, at the very least), and we'll feel it tomorrow. But not too bad, considering.  

    This is a lifestyle, not a fling. I'm not going to fall into the whole "I ate something not on the list, oh well, might as well quit" mindset.  I actually look forward to getting back to my routine and feeling better fast!  (oh, and you were right, it didn't taste as good as losing weight feels. ; ) )

  • Leftovers! Funny how on the nights you go grocery shopping, you don't cook!  All that food, and I ate  a cold meatloaf patty straight from the ziploc while I put away stuff. Sad, huh? ; )

  • Football Sunday! (Free Day, too! : D )  Steak Sandwiches!  

    Okay, even though it's a free day, and we did have some cheese dip and chips w/ football, we are still not ready to lose our minds.  The bread is whole grain ( and scooped), the cheese is fat free, and they will be veggie-heavy for filling up.  And I'm still not even hungry after the cheese dip- first cheese I've had in about 3 weeks, I think! Ugh! to think I used to try to talk my husband into working at the local cheese factory just to keep me supplied! : )  Happy Sunday!