Nurtritional Requirements

  • Hi all,

    I'm planning on starting on Monday (1st August) and as a Dietitian, I like to track my nuritional intake, and was wondering if anyone could tell me the rough proportions of carbs-protein-fat i.e. in percentages or grams, and also is there a particular calorie intake to aim for. (I am 26yo female with the aim of weight loss).

    Many Thanks.

  • The proportion is roughly 40% carbs, 40% protein and 20% fat.

    I aim for 20-25 grams of protein and carbs per meal but have never counted calories.

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  • Brilliant, thanks very much saralynn xx

  • Hi xPHOENIXx!

    I started looking back through the threads to see if others had asked my same question I'm having and here it is.  I also like to track my nutritional intake and from Emily Alvers website (a past BFL Champ) she said 38% pro, 44% cho, and 18% fat.  

    My big question is roughly how many calories?  All the BMR's I've looked at say waaaay too many calories a day for maintenance for me.  I'm 158 now and looking to be 135.  My daily calories have been staying in the 1400s.  Hard for me to say with these workouts.  I don't want to eat too much or too little.  Even with the proportions right, the amounts can make all the difference in the world and I'm wanting to be effective.  

    Have you got any thoughts on that?  Or what have you figured out for yourself after a month of doing this?  It doesn't look like you have any fat to lose, maybe you're building muscle?

  • Hi Pickle!

    Apologies I've only just seen your reply!

    Personally I stick to around 1500-1600kcal a day, which is what it seems to work out as when I'm hitting my 150g/150g Protein/Carbs per day. It can never been exactly on the mark as I think it's more important to get your protein in than to worry about going over an exact calorie allowance. And also with the intesity of the workouts in BFL you NEED a higher kcal intake than you would normally for maintenance.

    Oh  p.s. thank you but my profile pic is from when I did BFL last time! Aiming to get back to that!!

  • I'm a calorie/nutrient tracker. Can't help it, so don't try to reform me!lol! (I also get on the scale EVERY SINGLE day!)

    I saw somewhere else on here a good way to calculate your caloric needs...not sure I can find it now, but it was basically this:

    Take your current weight and multiply it by 11 (158x11=1738).

    Now factor in metabolism by multiplying the above answer by .3 (slow--you gain weight very easily), .4 (you can lose weight if you work at it), or .5 (you can eat whatever you want and don't really gain).  This number goes down by .05 for each category per decade of age over 20. So if you're 30 yrs old, your range would be .25 (slow), .35 (moderate), .45 (fast).

    So, assuming you're 30 and have a moderate metabolism: 1738 x .35 = 608

    Add the two products together: 1738 + 608 = 2,346 cals per day to stay where you're at. Subtract 500 cals/day to lose about a pound per week; subtract 1,000 to lose about 2 lbs. per week.

    I've found this to be a pretty good guide for myself. I stay around 1300 cals/day  (except for free day) and I've lost 14 lbs in 8 weeks. You may need to change that number a little as you lose weight. Grams of carbs/protein per day depends on your size. If you're lifting weights 2-3 days a week, you need about .8 g per pound of body weight. (Others have said 1 g per pound, but from what I've read that seems high unless you're doing much more lifting). For me that's about 125 g of protein. If I do equal amounts of carbs (which I actually do a little less, more like 110 g, that amounts to about 1,000 of my daily calories coming from carbs/proteins, and the other 300 from fat. That's about a 38/38/23 split of carb/protein/fat.

    I'm no expert, although I am married to a dietitian and I have researched the topic quite a bit, so take this for what it's worth to you. Good luck!


  • Phoenix, Lisa!!!  THank you!!

    Great info, Lisa, I look forward to doing my math....I've lost 8 lbs. in 3 weeks, but feel like I could dial in my calories a bit better.  Some days they hit 1500 and I've got 15 lbs. to lose in 9 weeks.  1300 would put me in a better place to hit that goal, but I"ll do my math and figure it out for sure...

    THank you!!

    (I love being a calorie/nutrient tracker too!  Two thumbs up for our bodies getting what they want and us not wasting our time by accidentally eating 200-300 calories more per day than we mean to!)

  • Hello:

    I was curious about your user name.  I live in Phoenix.

    As a dietician, you would probably love the site  My trainer turned me on to it, and I love it.  I set my ratios to 40/40/20 and feel that is easier for me to follow than the fist/hand method.  I am going to school right now for a dietetic degree.  If you want to friend me on, my username is schmertnat.  How is your challenge going so far?  You would think I moderate the site, since I refer everyone to it....ha.  I don't, but I love the food database & exercise database; it all helps keep me accountable.

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  • Yikes.  If you read the original book by Bill Phillips, you'll find he discourages all that measuring effort.  Fist-sized carbs, Palm-sized protein.  That's easy to remember, and that's all you need to remember to get some rather amazing results on BFL.


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  • Jacium:  You are right; that does work for many, but not all.  I have been doing BFL for over a year now, and found I needed to make some adjustments to my diet.  I also went through a bulking phase where I needed to up my calories and keep a closer eye on macros.  It is a good tool when people stall and need to evauate their calories/macros a bit closer.  When I originally did BFL, I never really did the palm/fist method, unless eating out.  I always tried to eat 20 grams carbs & 20 grams protein per meal, with fewer carbs for my last meal.  It can be as easy or detailed as you want it to be.  I hope you are doing well living the BFL lifestyle!

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  • BDMom,

    I'm doing great, except for a mild shoulder impingement on the left side.  I did my first 5K race over Labor Day, and although it stretched me, my time was under my original target by about 2 minutes...

    As I read the original BFL book a few nights ago, I found he revealed a lot of his philosophy, and was extremely interested in motivation factors, and transformation in many areas of life.  Whatever it takes to get it done, well just do it! But his point was he wants folks to have a life, and have time to enjoy their new lives, and the fist/palm size portions accomplish that.  Yes, I've done periodic sanity checks on what I'm ingesting, but even when serving the family, I measure out fist/palm servings of carbs/protein for myself.

    I don't browse here very often any more as I'm fairly busy doing things that interest me, or working extra hours, but I see you post a lot and helping hundreds of people with your solid advice.  I still think your transformation was the best of any I've seen!

    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • Jacium!

    Thanks for your kind words; you were a wealth of wisdom to me along my journey.  I am back in school for diet/nutrition degree, so not on here as often as I'd like to be.  I try to post on the Warrior thread daily, but not able to read/respond to as many posts as I once did.  I am glad to hear that all is going well for you.

    Phoenix:  How is your challenge going?  Are you still motivated?

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