Help! Can someone please give me feedback on my meals...thanks!!!

  • I'm on day 2 of week 4 of the plan.  I haven't missed a workout and have lost 3 lbs but I'm wondering if I'm doing the meals right.  I was very hungry the first 2 weeks and now I"m totally not hungry when it is time to eat but I do anyway.  I'm a 40 year old female, 5'4, starting weight 122, 25% fat, looking to go down to 115, 18% fat give or take...I don't eat chicken or red meat but I do eat fish and seafood.  So here is what I more or less eat everyday

    5:30 am - water and workout

    7:30 a.m. - 1/2 C of egg whites scrambled in olive oil spray with a handful of chopped mushrooms, spinach and tomato topped with salsa, 1 C of cooked oatmeal

    10:00/30 a.m. - vanilla hyperbolic GNC pp (20g prot, 2.5 carbs), with 1 C skim milk, 3/4C frozen berries

    12:30/1ish - 4 slices soy bologna (14g prot), with 2TBS hummus, on 45 cal WW pita (4g prot), salad w/ 2 tsp lf Newmans Italian or boca burger on pita, tsp of ketchup,  with salad

    3:30/4ish - Atkins bar w/coffee with milk or 1/2 C cottage cheese with small banana and 1 TBS of SF maple syrup

    6:00 - 1 portion of a dinner from EFL cookbook with steamed veggies - usually make recipes with ground meat but substitute with BOCA crumbles

    8:30 - pumpkin cheese cake from EFL cookbook or 1/2 C of cottage cheese and apple slices


    Any and all types of feedback would be most appreciated...does this look like too much food? enough protein?  too much carbs? etc...what do people think of atkins bars - I like peanut butter granola flavor?  Myoplex lite had high fructose corn syrup and a lot of sugar...I like the atkins bars and cant stomach the pasty bars like pure protein


    Also, I tend to gain 2lbs after cheat day and it takes almost half of the next week to get back down to where I was before the free day.  I don't go too crazy but hate seeing the scale creep up...should I skip it or does it really help




  • Hi Julie,

    That all looks great to me and really yummy! far more creative than what i do : ( hehe.. nah good for you, your on track.

    I also put weight on after my free day, but i don't get to worried about it really, it will balance out in the end.

  • Hi Julie--I generally put on a couple of pounds on my free day too.  I don't weigh myself everyday, but I think as a general rule, it takes me a few days back on the program to work off my free day.  I'm not sure if it is water weight from the extra salt or what.  But, I try hard not to worry about it!  You shouldn't either.  Its your free day...and if you get to enjoy it, then you'll look forward to it...for me, it makes the rest of the week not seem so hard!!

    I'm looking forward to Sunday this week!!!

  • Julie -

    Meal 1 - 1C of oatmeal is too much for 1 portion.  A typical portion for a woman is about a 1/2 cup cooked.  

    Meal 2 - Remember that the milk has carbs in it so therefore 3/4 of a cup of berries plus the milk might be too much carb.  

    Meal 3 - I would ditch the soy bologna.  Could you maybe do a fish portion here?  Also, WW bread is not a great option.  It's okay sometimes, but you will get results that show how strict you have been.  You want more protein than 14g.  Maybe the boca with sweet potato?  That could be a great meal.  

    Meal 4 - I hate those bars, but think the CC and banana is a good one.  The bars are more for an emergency.  Then just aren't that great for you, but certainly better than most on the go choices.  I really don't think any of the bars are good.  

    Please read page 73 in the EFL book.  The portions are too large for a woman so do adjust accordingly.  Also, most of the dessert choices are not BFL approved meals and more for sometimes.  It's a great resource, just make sure you know which recipes are good for when.  

    It's your free day.  You are free to use it or not.  I would suggest scaling it down some and see how that makes you feel.  It's a process for us all.  


    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Thanks Jessica - I don't think the oatmeal is 1 C - it is a premeasured pouch - Better Oats Organic - Raw...less than a 1/2 C dry...I will measure the convenience for work...but will check...

    Lunch is hard, can't even stand the smell of tuna (except sushi) and have never been able to get close enough to a can to try it...I will use bocas for now but was wondering what people thought of lox (smoked salmon)...I get the kind that is naturally smoked...

    Potion size is really hard for me the palm/fist thing is not helpful AT ALL imo, I would really wish Bill had put calorie/carb/prot counts in the book so we could adjust mathematically.  I think from now own if I make something that says 2 servings, I will divide into 3 and if it is 4, then 5-6 portions...the recipes really have helped me to stay with this - this is the longest I've ever stayed on any plan!  Maybe someone out there would analyze the recipes...I supposed if I had time I could find a site where you enter the ingredients and it would do it for you...any recommendations?

    I think I will also swap brown rice, couscous or quinoa for the pasta in the recipes...I was surprised to see how much pasta he has in there.

    Thanks for the help and input.

  • Hi Julie

    Good Catch!  The EFL book has too much bread, pasta, sauce and cheese.  It was written well after BFL and most feel far better for maintenance.  It's not strict enough for an awesome contest, but again, is in some ways a good resource.  


    Take your scale weight.  1 gram of protein and 1 gram of carb per gram of scale weight per day.  

    122 Pounds

    122 / 6 = 20.3 (let's call it 20 so my head doesn't spin)

    20 carbs and 20 protein per BFL meal (assuming 6 meals)

    Please also remember your healthy fat.


    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • What about fiber?  Year ago when I did Atkins, he had you subtract the fiber from the carb count...does that apply here?  My oatmeal pouch has 28g of carbs but 3 grams of fiber so net 25carbs? Also, can you look at carb count for the whole day or is it better meal by meal...for example, my oatmeal has 28, but my mid morning shake only has the milk carbs - does that balance out?  What about the carbs from they count?  I was using 20g of prot/per meal as my guideline but I know I sometimes fall short of that...probably 100g for the day instead of 120...I guess I need to work on that...I think the reason people don't start to see results until week 6 is that it takes a few weeks to work the kinks out lol...

    Btw, what does eating clean mean?  Does that mean following the plan or not having any processed foods like bread?

    Thanks for your help.

  • Clean means - BTB (By the Book) - At least to me.

    And BTW - dump the scale. I've found the number on the scale is a killer to BFL. If you get a bad number, you feel lousy and want to quit. If you get a good number, you feel you deserve a reward and over do it on the Free Day, again feeling lousy.  

    Kill the scale. Photos tell the story.

  • I don't personally subtract the fiber.  Others do, but I think it's an unnecessary complication.  

    Not every meal is going to be 20g exactly of each, but do try for each meal being balanced.  Part of the reason for the carb/protein in equal amounts 6x per day is to steady your insulin.  I wouldn't have the whole oatmeal packet.  

    I don't count the carbs in my veggies just like I don't count the protein in my black beans.  (beans are a carb)

    You are likely right.  Most naturally have too much carb and too little protein at first.  This plan isn't what we're used to eating.  

    Clean eating is having all your meals be good quality BFL approved choices.  Basically, no junk.  :)

    You'll do great.  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Take a hard look at the Atkins bars - depending on flavor they may have fewer than half of the protein grams you need for a meal, some as few as 5 grams. The peanut butter granola flavor you mentioned has 14. Here is their web site where you can see the full nutritional panels:

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • I just ordered Bill Phillips new shake packets.  I have had a hard time with the taste of most shakes but I think they are key to getting protein in with convenience.  Not eating meat or chicken makes this a challenge.  I will leave a few bites of the oatmeal in the bowl and up the egg whites a bit, use the shakes instead of the bars, and try and cut the carbs where I can and make my starchy carbs naturally derived (potatoes, grains).  The scale keeps me doesn't make or break my day as I'm already at a decent weight, I just want to get really lean and toned...and lose the post baby belly flab.  

    Moms bday tomorrow so will just have a piece of cake as my free for the week...make it a free "meal" not a free day....

  • Sorry i forgot to mention, YES make sure you get your portions right, bout your palm size for both protein and carbs.  Honestly, Bill Phillips makes it pretty straight forward with the portion thing, so just follow that for now, particulary, if it's your first time.  It gets far to confusing to be counting anything, esp in the start.  You will find that you will understand more about weight loss etc.. etc.. etc.. once you get through your first BFL... you will understand more about food and your own body.  In the past i didnt know much and just followed the book and approved list of food, i had no idea about how many grams of this and that, i had AMAZING results.  Im sure if Bill Phillips thought you needed to count stuff he would have put in his book.

  • I just started BFL on 7/24 and am still trying to adjust to the portions and # of meals each day.  I don't always hit my 6 meals, mostly because I tend to forget a few hours have passed and will forget.  I usually do bkfst, lunch, snack, and then dinner.  I've read that you should avoid eating 1 hr before and 1 hr after you workout, so by the time I have my dinner, it's can be well past 7PM.  Then when 10pm rolls around, I find myself just not eating that last snack.

    Can someone share their experience in how long it takes (understanding everyone is different) for them to get accustomed to the meals and portions?  I am on Day 5 today and it's a bit of a challenge for me to remember to write down what I eat and the time I ate it. I try to when I have a chance, but I get so busy/distracted at work, I often forget.   I do however, make my best effort to pick the healthier choices (fat-free, sugar-free, whole wheat, etc).   My free day is coming up and as much as I would like to let loose, I'm probably going to be a bit conservative and not over-indulge.  

    I love the idea of photos too because like spartanman said, the scale number has always been a killer.