Free Day Guilt

  • I work my butt off during the week (Monday through Saturday). My husband and I usually do something active on my free day, such as kayak or take the dog on a long walk, but I STILL feel guilty eating pancakes for breakfast and having frozen yogurt for dessert!!! I feel like I need this day in order to be successful Monday through Satruday, but yet at the end of Sunday I feel like I've blown it. What do you tell yourself or what do you do so that you don't feel guilty on your free day??

  • I tell myself that I earned it :o)

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  • I just like to eat larger portion of approved foods and maybe a few fats that are unauthorized. Free day is yours to do what you want with it and there are no rules. If you are eating unhealthy and feeling guilty about it then what is the point of it if you do not enjoy it. Free is day mainly for the sanity of people recovering from bad habits, eating disorders, and cravings.

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  • BryanL,

    I so agree with you.  I LOVE the free day.  I think people take things to such extremes.  From what I hear, when your body has excess calories, and sees it's not eating the normal healthly way,  your metabo spikes to burn off the excess.  This is what my trainer says.  Therefore, I indulge in my sweets, and have sugar in the coffee.  I don't even think about how many calories I've eaten, except I try not to just eat for the sake of eating either, say like 5000 cals.  This is because, come Monday, I will be at the gym doing my LI cardio, plus my 20 minutes of HIIT.  I feel the body needs a break!  :-)

  • I think the I deserve it is appropriate and it does help to keep many folks on track for the rest of the week. True as the weeks progress the Free day becomes not quite so important as a truly wild day but more as a small indulgence here and there. (I noticed this last challenge last year).

  • I find as well that I can't go crazy eating because I am used to eating such small meals, that I am just not hungry enough to eat a super stack of pancakes.

    I still eat/drink what I want on the cheat day and love it, but I find I am more in touch with my body's needs and I know when I am full.

    I find that most of what I crave on my cheat day isn't near as bad as what I was eating everyday before I started. So I look at it from that perspective and feel really good. I think, wow 2 pieces of pizza and this is my 'crazy day'! Before I would eat a whole large pizza by myself...

    I also look at is at a lifestyle, I like the taste of food that is 'bad' for me, this is for the rest of my life, Im 30. I will not last with BFL if I can not have a french fry at any point over the next 50-70 years!

  • And I'll just say it again for the sake of saying it again :). It's a FREE day, not a CHEAT day.   It's part of the program, it's built into the program, it's planned for on the program.  

    I agree with WPBill, early in my first challenge, I looked forward to free days!!!  BUT, as my body started changing, and actually wanted to eat good stuff, when I would eat non approved stuff, my body really didnt want that much of it.  If I was stupid and ate more then I should have, I paid for it the next day or so.  Felt horrible, not horrible in the "OH NO I messed up" way, but horrible in the 'blech, man I'm so bloated and my stomach hurts and why did I ever find this feeling enjoyable" way..

  • In my humble opinion, if you feel guilt in anyway over having a free day then food is still controlling you.  

    You eat clean and workout six days per week.  It's your choice to have something on free day or not.

    As long as free day isn't a bingefest then you should relinquish control of the guilt and remember that it's just food and not the perceived failure you seem to consider it.  

    And when I say bingefest, I mean eating anything in your view simply because it's there or because you feel it will somehow make you feel better.

    A simple free day isn't going to derail your progress one single bit.  

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  • That's a really good point Michelle, that the feeling of guilt indicates we are still being controlled by food. I like BFL because it is not as food focused as other things I have tried. I find when a plan focuses only on food I focus only on food and even if I am eating better I am still miserable.

    And I am the first to need to hear this but we need to show ourselves grace - in that breaking these emotional ties takes time and the process is as important as the final result.

  • Yesterday I had, my OFF DAY (eating wise), I ran a killer HIT session in the morning (-380 cals)

    4 protein shakes (500 cals)

    2 massive bowls of fruit (blue,rasp/strawberries + 2 bananas + 1 plate of cherry tomatoes - (600 cals)

    4 oz salted peanuts (250 cals)

    2 tablespoons natural super chunk peanut butter (180 cals)

    2.5 gallons of water -ve cals

    5 pieces sashimi (2 oz) + 2 oz tuna tataki with wasabi (square root of eff all cals)

    12 oz Top sirloin (fat cut off or fed to dog), (950 cals)

    1 large green salad, no dressing (100 cals)

    6 egg whites (45 cals)

    2 tblespoons of olive oil (organic) (220 cals)

    2 dove dark chocolates (??)

    2 scoops No Explode (250 cals)

    4 Creatine tablets

    TOTAL around 2800, today I am down 1.5 lbs from yesterday's weigh in, but I did fast until 4pm except for 2 protein shakes and NO EXPL....

    I normally consume 1800-2100 cals on BFL... Now at 195 lbs and around 23% body fat after starting > 30% body fat, 210 lbs


    ON your off day sometimes you gotta shock that system and change it up....

    I went out walking through the city center, it happened just the other day. Sometimes Sydney Harbor in the winter, blows a little luck my way.

  • dogsbrekky

    2.5 gallons of water -ve cals


    Wow...that's a lot.  How do you drink that much?  I'm impressed....


  • I have always drunk massive amounts of water, so much so that my missus is stunned...

    I dehydrate very easily (from the outback) and I used to be military and got stuck in a real bad jam in the desert many moons ago because I did NOT 100% weight to water... remember 75% of muscles are made up of water............. also if you do NOT hydrate properly, even by 4% (under) you will damage muscle..

    Basically in the Air Force, my warrant officers, on survival course told me, "When you see water drink as much as you can".

    I went out walking through the city center, it happened just the other day. Sometimes Sydney Harbor in the winter, blows a little luck my way.

  • Wow!  Nice....

  • I was behind a local gal here in Florida in the parks one time that actually passed out in front of me and her friends due to dehydration in the summer heat.  The difference between her and her friends that day..... the friend took a drink from a fountain each time they passed one and she felt she didn't need to because she was from here. OOOPs!! bad mistake on her part that day. WPBILL

  • I felt the same way the first week or two that I did the challenge.  Right now I am in week 10.  There are two things that I love about the free day.  The first is that it allows you to practice breaking the diet once a week and starting back on the diet the very next day.  In so many other diets that I have tried, it always felt like once I broke down and ate off of the diet that I had lost the battle.  It was much harder to get back on the diet because I felt like I had failed.  Those early weeks when I ate off of the diet, I felt defeated until the next day when I went to the gym and started all over again.  It felt great to know that even though I had indulged in a food that was off the diet, I never left the diet because it was part of my plan.

    The other thing that I love is looking forward to eating off of the diet.  What can I say, I am rebellious.  There is no way that I could go 12 weeks without breaking a diet.  Just the thought alone of not being able to have ice-cream or some other food for 12 weeks would kill me.  It is funny but it gave me peace of mind to know that I could indulge on my free day which was never more than 7 days away.  I eat one or two meals that consist of food that is not on the diet.

    One other tip:  I felt that the free day was a decision and that it was as much a part of the diet as the hiit method, eating every 3 hours, working out six days a week, etc.  Therefore, I made it a point to plan my free day for the week every Monday.  I made it a point to stick with my scheduled free day and never deviate from it.  In other words, if I was out at a restaurant on a day that was NOT my free day and there was a tempting entree or nondiet food, I never gave gave in and decided that I would just make today my free day instead day I had scheduled for my free day.  That way I always had control and I never gave into the temptation of the moment.  Well except for week 6 but that is another story.  Ha Ha Ha.

    The thing I love about this diet is that it is totally doable and realistic.  I am in my 10th week and I have lost 27 pounds.  The only secret I had was to follow the body for life program.  That means take your freeday.  Trust in the program and it will deliver.