HELP to Learn to Cook Eating-For-Life

  • Please help me to learn how to cook FAST for the weak!

    Meal plan has been very difficult. This is my 3rd week & I have been cheating almost one meal per day. Hard to stick to the meal plan. 

    I ordered "Eating-for-life" cookbook. I'm trying to prepare meals on Sunday night but... I do not know what to do... 

    & I'm already getting tired of eating almost "raw" food without much cooking. 

    i.e.) Open canned tuna (protein) and microwaved potato or corn (carb.) and fruits.

    i.e.) soy bean or cottage cheese (protein) & chopped vegetables

    Any frozen & prepared food that I may MICROWAVE quickly?

    I need to QUICK FIX Food that I can prepare with a Microwave.

    I'm really NOT talented in cooking...


  • The good news: you are here, doing this, and still going. BIG pat on the shoulder.

    The bad news: there are no frozen meals you can eat on this program, which is good news when you think of the poison they add to our foods.

    The quickest fix is to cook in bulk something you can keep in the freezer and microwave later. You can boil wholewheat pasta or brown rice, divide them into portions, put them in freezer bags, this is how all you have to do when you need to have your meal, is to take it out of the freezer and microwave them.

    It takes literally few minutes to cook the sauce for the pasta. Not sure how bad you are with cooking. But the key to a successful beginner's attempt is low heat. Otherwise you will burn your food instead of cook it.

    If you need any help, feel free to write me. I used to be useless in the kitchen, so i know where you're coming from.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • Got my book~

    I'm determined to be a COOK EFL from NOW~!

    Wish me the luck!

  • Good luck....... also use youtube help for beginners if the practice gets complicated.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • I am bidding on a book right now and I hope to get it, but time will tell on that one. It was worth a try I thought. WPBILL

  • I just started (like, literally started it a few days ago) a blog to help people come up with ideas on what to cook for BFL.

  • I'm a long time cook even cooked on Emeril Live once in New York at the show. Tell ya this, chicken and tuna, potatoes get old quick. The way to keep it interesting is to learn what you can put ON them that isn't bad for ya and allows you to mix it up. I currently and rotating between three regional flavors; Cajun, Tex-mex and oriental. One quick microwave meal is chicken breasts potato with salsa and fat free sour cream. Get some cummin to sprinkle on it gives it extra flavor.  Same thing done Cajun style is spiced with cajun seasoning topped canned fire roasted tomatoes with green onions and parsley. Oriental use soy sauce, little sesame seed oil, powdered ginger, and try to out of the bottle sauces IE La Choy or Kikkomon sauces which has no fat and very few calories and also go great with brown rice and warmed frozen veggies.

    Surprisingly tuna goes great with almost anything, fruit, veggies, rice. Dont be afraid to experiment with it. Try tuna chopped apples a little chopped onion dash of cinnamon or lemon pepper. Try nuked chicken with lemon pepper and crushed pineapples on top. The key is have the protien carbs right and then just play to your taste with the things you find have no fats or low fats and lots of flavor. I love a baked potato with ff sour cream and some balsamic vinegar splashed on it with some black pepper. Pickles of all kinds are also a great way to kick up a dish with a tart side. I like radishes too for that.

    There are all kinds of condiments today that are fat free and low calorie, many of them can be simply poured over most anything to kick up the flavor. You just have to spend some time in the condiment and salad dressing section, read the labels, find out what you can use and try them out. Some of them are really bad for you, some of them are so clean it's amazing they can deliver that much flavor.

  • My next door neighbor is the head chef at Commader's Palace here in New Orleans a world famous eatery. I will talk to him about the secrets of adding flavor without the weight see what he says, even though Im pretty sure he uses a good bit or cream and butter! No to mention pork fat! (Hey man pork fat RULES in flavor hehehehe)

    Another thing I do know you can do with minimal skills at the stove to make a tasty sauce is to reduce chicken or beef broth down with some onions garlic pepper in it and then thicken it with cornstarch instead of the usual flour/oil combination for making gravy. Cornstarch is flat loaded with carbs too.

    I havent started my exercise routine yet but have been eating this diet for about three weeks now and I can definetly see and feel the difference already with no exercise at all. I wanted to get the food thing down before I started the program and it has delivered a difference all by itself and fairly quickly too. I think my metabolism is relatively high for somebody my age which I am glad to see. Once I get to my desired results, I think after relearning how to cook and eat I will be able to maintain it fairly simply. I didn't weigh yet but Im pretty sure I have lost at least 6 or 8 pounds just adhering to this way of eating already.

  • hi alchemistress,

    I just checked out your blog. It's wonderful. Very well-organized and the photos are good-quality. Some nice ideas too.

    I was thinking of uploading video s to youtube about different ethnic recipe cooked in the BFL-way.

    PS: an easy way to separate yolk is to break the eggs in a bowl  then spoon the yolks out   :D


    Your idea is great. i have been doing this for the past two years. Problem is with time, you get bored with the very taste and texture of chicken and tuna themselves regardless of the "coating". lol

    Cooking fat-free food with no sugar added is very bland. However you can compensate for it with a different variety of spices. Yet, it gets some getting used to. I found that when red lentils are left to overcook with soups, they add a nutty-creamy flavor. Not the same but helps. (sheepishly added as I am no where as half experienced as you are)

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • Yeah since my all time favorite food is a fat greasy cheeseburger with some crispy salty fries I know what you are saying hehehehe. Also Popeyes fried chicken GOD I love that stuff...... Texture definitely is an issue and it's hard to replace. I cooked a very lean brisket the other day but the original poster didn't seem to be interested in that level of cooking. Also like lean pot roast done in the slow cooker, great protein carb combo with some veggies too.

  • You and I should have been neighbours lol. I love cooking. It's half the satisfaction for me. I "invented" a shrimp kofta the other day with fresh cilantro, garlic, onions and egg white to hold the ingredients and turned out really well. I used to fry them, now I fry them using cooking spray. I also make Chinese mixed "fried" rice with brown rice and cooking spray.

    Is there somewhere I can see the brisket recipe? :D

    Popeye Fried Chicken..... thank god for free day lol

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • Never put it on the web but simple, rub down with spices, (your choice) I just use a simple pork rub on it, in large pan covered with sliced onions and some water or your choice below. Cover tightly and bake @ 225 for about 5 hours or until falling apart sometimes longer depending on the cut. Take drippings and reduce and thicken with cornstarch add some spice if desired top brisket with it serve. Brisket is cheap because it takes a long time to tenderize it, gotta have it covered and keep something liquid under it. Great flavor though.

  • Thanks, will give it a try on Saturday when I will get the chance to do my BFL shopping :o)

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • NOLAwalker & Ruby4444,

    You guys rock about FOOD or COOKING. Wow... Cooking has been the most challenging thing in my life. I am really bad... I don't know why but... whenever I try, I either burn or... it just takes too LONG... BUT, I learned how to cook TANDORI chicken breast & IT WAS AWESOME!!!!

    Thanks for the tips, I am cutting & pasting to try.

  • Hey Winner. I have been cooking a meal out of EFL daily since I started -- almost three weeks ago. I have only cheated once (we were at an amusement park all day), although that really is no excuse. But I am eating every meal out of the cookbook and reviewing them on my blog I have a daily post and at the end of each daily post, I talk about BFL and my meals for the day.

    I have been very surprised by how quick all the meals are to cook, and if you are prepared, they are really easy! I mean, shopping every Sat or Sun for the next week prepared!

    There are tons of people on this blog who will say the meals from EFL (or many of them) aren't lean enough for this diet. I completely disagree, but I don't want to get into all that again. I say if you are willing to change your life, this book is a great way to go. Most of the meals are very good! My last weighin was last Saturday and I have lost 6 1/2 lbs and already gone down completely one size. I am extremely motivated with my progress, and most of my motivation comes from the excitement of trying all these meals in the book.

    So good luck to you! You will do great. The cookbook was a lifesaver for me. :)

    Kelli Green,