Myoplex. How many do you consume per day?

  • Just curious how many people follow Bill's outline in the original book of 3 meals, 3 shakes.

  • No Myoplex. If I have a shake I make it myself.

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  • I have one myoplex per day. Strawberry cream. I also have one homemade shake per day with protein powder.

  • I usually have 1-2 shakes!  Just depends on the day!  Some days I don't have any!  For me, I use them for quick and convenience meals.  I have five kiddos that keep me busy.  The shakes are very handy.


  • I don't use Myoplex. I use Ultragen. It has almost no carbs and more protein than Myoplex per serving. However, I use it maybe once a day, or twice every other day depending how busy I am.

    There has been few times, though, when something came up and i had to grab a Myoplex Original shake at the gym bar before i went somewhere. It tasted so much better than Ultragen.

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  • I only use one on days that I lift for post workout protien. My wife normaly has at least one a day.

  • when i followed bfl, i always had 3 wholefood meals and 3 shakes but now i have found a better more practical system then bfl

  • 6packmission,

    With due respect, this is not the first time you post in the forums that there are better systems than BFL. Which is fine if we were in a Yahoo!/Youtube chat room or something. There is enough confusion among beginners trying to follow BFL. To be honest, i find what you are doing disrespectful and tacky. Why are you here with us if you look down on what we do?

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • I have been averaging about 1-2 Myoplex shakes RTD's a day.. I always try to get the ones with the most protein but the lowest carb count.  My favorite flavors are the chocolate one(fudge or dark) and the strawberry/cream(not a big fan of the vanilla for some reason).

  • I used to have 3 myoplex shakes a day until I read that it is now recommended to not have more than 2 a day.  This includes myoplex bars.  So if you are using myoplex, 2 shakes or 1 shake and 1 bar or 2 bars a day.

    You might want to call the BFL folks to be sure you do what's right for you.

    Hope this helps.

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  • 2 myoplex shakes a day, 1 EAS protein shake and I use a great Creatine product I found online called Kre-Alkyn (spelling??)...... the creatine product has helped me lift a LOT more weight in only 2 weeks of use

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  • I used 2 a day usually.  1 first thing in the morning, and 1 mid afternoon.  Some days I would use 3 depending on my schedule but I found that if I had more than 2 I would be hungry so I had to have more meals of actual food.

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  • Nicely said Ruby4444!