Anyone else have trouble this Father's Day?

  • It was not my planned free day, but it ended up being a free day anyways. My husband surprised us by taking our family out to eat at a restraunt we LOVE. What can I say....   :(
    Anyways, I am back to eating clean today.... for the most part. We still have loads of yummy cookies that are just lying around the house and I had one or two today. My daughter is gone for the week so its just my husband, our baby and I for the week. I'm thinking of tossing the cookies out (I know!!!!) just so I will stop picking at them!

  • same here.. I didn't blow the whole day just lunch but still Its something i shouldn't have done.. I put it behind me and was strong today.. move on you'll be fine.. and as far as the cookies as much as i hate to waste food *even if its bad food.. do what you must..

  • I was actually really good. I made lunch for my husband and father in law and while they ate their deliciousness I ate my chicken breast and fruit. I was impressed with myself :)

  • Toss em can't give in to them if they are not there. Toss em and forget about em..and don't beat yourself up about fathers day. Just look ahead and keep your eyes on the prize.