Free Day Help, please and thankyou! :D

  • Hello,

         My name is Raul and I'm 21 ~180 lbs. 5'11 looking to start this Eating - For - Life meal plans and get in better shape and tone out the flab I do have. I've only brielfy read the majority of this book "Eating for Life" and found the Free Day wasn't given in much detail info other than enjoy and feel no guilt, unless I missed the section =/.

     However, I'm new to the kitchen cooking and really enjoying the food (when I finally get it prepared I'm slow :P!). And as far as in depth nutrition such as the true meaning of protiens, carbs, etc. the book helped a ton but I'm still half informed. My usual diet in the past was cereal and or peanut butter jelly for breakfast lunch and dinner and some fastfood inbetween I never cooked nor wanted to spend any time doing so.

    Anyhow, my true question that I have ranted off topic getting at. How are the free days handled? I imagine eating out for all 6 meals and just truly going back to old habits would not be very benificial of leave me feeling very well. Last week on my free day I ate my usualy cereal, Taco Bell, Pb&J, TacoBell, and some Coldstone Icecream. Truly pigged out and felt terrible like I wasted the week beforehand. I feel as if I ate just one or two free meals vs a "free day" I would not only enjoy it but be treating my body better?


    Again, sorry new and lost fella here thanks for any input in advance!

  • Hi Raul,

    There are no rules for the free day. As we carry on forward we will create our own rules for it. I was a sugar addict of the worst kind you can imagine. I will buy a pound of sugar for my drinks alone every 3 days or even less. My free day rule is no sugar.

    I used to make free days eating marathons. Now I eat what I want and what i crave or have been craving the whole week. One free day after the other, you reconsider your habits rather than what you are eating.

    A friend of mine was eating 9000 calories every free day or even more. he and i agreed that that was a mad day not a free day.

    If you want my advice, eat what you like and feel satisfied and guilt-free on your free day but also use your reason. Don't eat all you can because you can.

    As time goes on and slowly but surely your free days will come under control.

    Our late colleague BFLMIKE suggested in an article to keep your calories on free day below 2500-3000 calories for you not to mess up the week. If you are not sure how much calories you are eating on free day, and if you don't know how to count calories, post what you eat regularly here and I may be able to help, otherwise visit

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