Something is just not adding up with this diet

  • Nola, I say go for it!!   Be effective and successful.  

    Maybe because I have really small hands is why i am doing so well.  *smiles*  Wanna borrow my palm and fist?  

    By the way, in the bet full out, as I have posted in other threads, I become a monster in the gym.  and my mantra?  Go big or go home.  

  • The thing is that Nola, Bill was not trying to undo a good knowledge. Most people will not count calories because they don't know how, or don't have the time or patience. He gave them a simple solution.

    For example, if you know you're intolerant to wheat, peanuts, and potatoes, not because they are on the list it means you can eat them. If you know of an exercise Bill did not add to the list that really works for you, use it. Etc.

    The eating plan becomes potentially mediocre if we will get in the side of bread and pasta a bit too much. This is where it doesn't add up. As Jessica suggested, there are other options we can chose from.

    I have seen some people on here achieve phenomenal results (in fact one of them looked like she was a pro figure competitor off season! It was jaw-dropping). I went to her blog on (or something like that) and she was following the plan, without eating wheat products.

    Bread and pasta are my mainstays every day and they seem to be the only thing that makes me feel full for longer. I read that wheat tends to cause a lot of water retention (it needs water to be digested in) and this why it makes people feel full. I know in the future wheat will be on its way out. I am only phasing this slowly for it not to be too much too soon (again).

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • Me myself I just am not that picky about what I mix together at a meal and that really helps with this stuff. I will eat a bowl of cereal with orange juice instead of milk, (you should try it sometime) and a side of canned tuna fish for protein and wont think twice about it. I just mixed up enough tuna, ff cottage cheese, relish, smig of lite parm and spices for 8 servings of protien delivering 110 calories and 30 g protien. I know exactly how much I should eat, have weighed it then measured it in a cup so I know exactly what it looks like. Wrote down the recipe, measuring DONE for the entire program. Just make it, eat the right amount, done.....

    I'm working on the same thing right now for mashed potatoes with onions garlic green peppers and a low sodium powder chicken base I found at Restaurant Depot with no fat and 50 Cal/1 1/4 teaspoon that really kicks the flavor up. Do the same thing, make enough for about 8 servings, presto pop it in the nuke serve with the tuna, everything is right on the money and it takes 3 minutes to make a plate of food.

    It's just a lot easier that way to me, and I know exactly what is in it, and I know I am getting exactly how much of it that I need. Just add some oriental mix frozen veggies on the side twice a day and Im good to go.

    As I go I'm going to keep reading and do this with several other dishes and use some of my Sunday to get them ready for the week so it's bim bam done and got what I need. I'm using EAS protein shakes twice a day so I'm working on several good carbs to eat first then slam the shake. The more I look at this, I may not even eat the ff tortillas I bought, no bread products, don't need them and don't miss them either. It's a total of 42 meals for a week. I don't need to be "bad" on a day, hunger is not a problem for me at all eating this much food and I have been eating low fat for a long time so I dont get that "jones" effect when you crave a greasy burger hehehehe. so 8+14=22, I'm over half way done, all of it is precooked and takes 3 minutes to plate. I'm going to do this for a few more things until my entire diet is platable in less than 5 minutes and is exactly, right on the money, what I need to be eating.


    Thats just the way Im gonna do it this time. This way, if I don't take a "bad" day, I can have a "bad" meal if I just want to, once or twice a week. But I doubt I will do that much, it just prolongs the time it takes to get the results you want. I've got the rest of my life to be bad once in awhile.

  • orange juice?  i haven't even thought of oj since I started C1.  I almost had to think, what is orange juice?  And I used to drink it daily.

  • Firesong, carry on forgetting about it lol. Though oranges are on the list, the juice isn't. The reason is complicated. I used to drink it daily, but not any more. Not for two years now.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear