Something is just not adding up with this diet

  • Ruby, you have to LOOK for those lower calorie tortillas and bread etc etc...   I bought some 'whole wheat' tortillas one time and they were smaller then the low cal ones and I didnt look at the package and they were like the ones you were talking about!!   200 cals or so.. Same with bread.. Some are 45 cal per slice and then there are some that are like 80 cal each slice!!

  • dburg,

    I met the 120 calorie slice yesterday. :o)

    I adore bread. I was so grateful there is granary/whole wheat bread on this program. I will have to check out the calorie content (AGAIN) as i used to on regular diets as well as the fist/palm size.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • This isn't a "diet", it's a lifestyle. That is why I chose it. Don't overthink it. Just do it. Don't obsess about it. Just do it. Choose the best options and stop mind-f*(**$%g it to death.

    Much love!

  • Drink water!!!! Eat a salad. Eat vegetables.

    Just because you have a protein shake and an apple doesn't mean that is all you can eat.

    The only times I feel like my myoplex shakes are hardly holding me over is when I've had too many small/snack type meals in a day. When I get that tired/hungry/grouchy feeling, I eat a chicken breast/baked potato, salmon/corn/broccoli or some type of significant B4L meal...

    Also, if it's white bread, I try to never eat it. :( I've eaten one white bun in the last almost 4 months when I was so desperate that absolutely the only thing I could get ahold of was a grilled chicken sandwich on white bread.

    Another thing is that when I buy my tortillas, I tend to get the non-name brand kind (like the ones straight out of Mexico...), because when I compare stats, I want the ones with lower fat, higher protein and lower carbs. I also look at the ingredients. Even if a type of bread can't tell you exactly what the nutritional info is, it will usually list the ingredients. I don't buy bread if it has sugar in any of the first ingredients, for example. So maybe check to see if there are any ethnic stores around you where you might increase your options...

    I grew up in Venezuela, where my mom figured out that if you want it and can't buy it, you make it. Chances are, if you have the time to look up some good recipes and bake the food yourself, you'll get exactly what you want: no mystery ingredients and a lot of yumminess.

    Good luck! :)

    - Rachel

  • I decided to postpone beginning my  challenge until Monday because once I started looking at "actual" calories/weight of foods I realized that there is no way I will ever really understand what I am eating unless I take the time to read the labels, measure the amounts on a scale so I know what it looks like, and learn to build a meal to a 300 calorie limit. Fist and Palm measurements will work I'm sure, if you do your exercising, but I think the results will vary greatly if you do that.

    Even then I still will not know if that is enough calories for me until I start working out and see how I feel. I think I could then adjust them to feel, hunger to fine tune what numbers are right for me.

    For me bread is out simply because Italian and French loaf are too caloric and thats all I eat. I found fat free tortillas @130 each but since you dont really use the two round edges that you roll up I'm going to cut them off to make it 100 even. 30 calories here and 30 there adds up quick and turns a daily 1,800 into 2,000 and how on earth would you know that unless you measured things?

    I have also been reading both in a calorie counter for non packaged goods and on the labels to find out what everything is and where it is on my list of protien and carb delivery so I can even out the two with each meal with a tiny portion of this or that to round it off.

    Im sure after awhile you get used it and can do this stuff off the cuff but at first there is just no way I can see getting your best results without doing this homework and measuring things until you get the hang of it.

    IE canned corn is a real good carb source but a little high in calories than others, but two tablespoons of it packs a whallop in carbs. You can eat a whole jar of pickle spears and barely eat anything but dont try it with olives..... Beans arent nearly as high in protien as my vegan sister insists in fact most of them have more carbs than protien. There is a lot of untrue information flying around about food. You really have to do the time and find out for yourself I think.

    If Im going to do this, then why not do it right?

    I've been peckin at it a bit for three days by Monday I think I will have a menu built for a week anyway that is pretty well tuned for CCP

  • Nola, I agree totally with your comment about why do it if you are not going to do it right.  And we have to do it the way it works for us.  From your posts its obvious you like to do things to an exact matter.  The thing I like about BFL is that I find it structured, but a structure that is easy for me to follow.  And the method of palm and fist size does work for me, and works great. I make sure I have a carb and protein every meal, 6x a day.  For me, if a program is too complicated eventually I will stop following it because of the life I lead.  An example is Jillian Michaels Hypothyroid program.  A great program for those of us with this issue, but my goodness, all I would do would be calculating, measuring, timing, ad nauseum.  I guess my point is, if planning and knowing and measuring helps you then by all means do it.  But know this program does work for us that deal with simplicity as well.  I really wish you all the success.  

  • Yes it does work if you simply use fist palm measurements, I know that because I did it for 60 days about 6 years ago and it did produce an amazing transformation in that short period. The reason I say measuring things is the best way to do things is because after I got used to building meals with fist palm measurements the first time, at some point I did go buy a calorie book and a scale. What I found was that I was eating at least 2,500 + calories a day and more fat than I needed. Apparently my dedication to doing the workouts as hard as I possibly could was enough to still produce a weight loss.
    Once I did start counting, I felt like I had been doing the program not knowing what I was doing and not knowing where I was going. (I dont like counting stuff either but I like it better than driving with a blindfold on) The whole idea behind this program and the reason it works in it's simplest form is because you don't have to love math to do it. hehehe If Bill went through all the fine print on nutrition and asked people to count all that stuff, only a fraction of the people he helps today would actually do it. People do it BECAUSE it's simple and it still works. He makes up the difference by insisting that your exercise routine be taken to the extreme every single time, to the 10's and beyond, because the reality of the matter is if you cut the bad crap out of your diet and then work yourself at that level, almost anyone is going to see some success. That's why it works. I don't know for sure but I would bet that when bill puts a portion of chicken on his plate, he knows exactly what in it, and everything else too. Once you get the routine down it's only a tiny step to get to that. I think Bill doesnt suggest doing it because you dont have to do it to get results. But to do it right, I can't see doing it any other way. Thats why this time I am coming out of the box with a complete understanding of what and how much I am eating from day one, and I fully anticipate even better results than I achieved the first time I tried it.


    The thing that all of the before and after pics printed in his books, I doubt seriously that most of those people were using the fist method. This program works but it isnt magic. To get results like that in 90 days you have to take a much closer look at your consumption in my opinion. I have heard people in the gym say that they have looked at those pics, body builders who do this stuff because they are fanatics about it. They unanimously say that in order to build muscle mass like many of those pics, you have to eat WAY more protein than Bill is suggesting. Now to get LEAN muscle, (what you already have) the diet will work fine. But to build like many of those people in those pics did, that aint gonna happen.

    Once you get your fist/palm thing going and you are doing it properly and regularly, Then just add one more step to it and measure what you have been eating one time. Find out the suggested calorie intake for your size and height, a number like maybe 1,500, and just have a look at how close you are coming to it. Once you do that, it's simple. "OH, well I just need to eat a little less of this and a little more of that."  I think you may be surprised at how simple it really is to do that. You may be UNDER eating. Once I started measuring I figured out how to eat only 1,100 calories a day and I lost my energy because it wasn't enough. After that I got it figured it out to about 1,800 a day, and didnt have to measure a thing because I could look at a portion and know that it was the right size for that instead of the size of my fist. (which were  different as I have big hands) I knew that something was wrong because I was SICK of eating, I literally had to force myself to eat. I was just eating too much. Once I got the measurements down that disappeared. I wasnt hungry and I wasnt stuffed, because I was eating the right amounts.

    A fist just isnt a very accurate "measuring cup", although it will work to some degree of course. Ounces and grams is where it's at.


    As you said, to each his own, but I just feel like if I am going to work THAT hard at something, I'm going to do the math and get the most bang for my buck from doing it, that's all.

  • hi Nola,

    Your first post hit the hammer on the nail. That was exactly what I meant. Life is simpler when i use the fist/palm method but there are foods on the list that are way too high on calories that if for some reason i will eat them with my 6 meals, it will be a huge question mark with it.

    I read the progress diaries of some of the champions and many of them don't eat the bread, pasta, brown rice regularly with their meals even though these are on the list of approved foods. Generally, I saw bread/pasta/rice maybe once a day with one meal, and not every day. It reminded me of a line Bill wrote on the book: "I'm very reluctant to add bread to the approved list as I want to wean people off bread..... the only type of bread I will allow on this diet is whole meal and granary bread". There are foods on the approved list that need to be approached with caution.

    But the incredible transformations you see in before and after photos are real and with normal foods, palm/fist method, and protein shakes. if you get 30 grams of protein a meal (which is doable easily with the list of approved foods and protein shakes, etc.), these transformation can be achieved.

    What you will notice is that nobody had a transformation from obese to ripped. Those who had the ripped bodies were in relatively good shape or had some form of muscle tone beneath all the fat. You could see some strength in the shape even with all the fat or potbelly.

    I showed the book to many personal trainers and they insisted the photos were Photoshopped. They insisted that these transformations were not real and it would take these people  two years to make these changes. Two years seems to be the standard time-frame every PT professed.

    But I have seen people do these transformations in 84 days. It's only a matter of faith and real hard work.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • I am always amazed at how much doubt there is when people are presented with this program.  I have had friends tell me there is no way that 20 minutes of cardio will do anything for me.  They are wrong. I believe in this program because it works for ME.  I did it originally ten years ago.  I started my challenge 1 in January and am now on Challenge 2.  I had fabulous results in C1.  I lost over 6 inches on my hips and more than that around my belly.  Scale weight down 17 pounds.  And that is with being 56 years old, asthmatic, a cold in week 6, having had back surgery and being hypothyroid and post menopausal.  *LOL*  and with all that it still worked!  My biceps are huge, ( well for me, as I am only 5'4") my muscles have been responding incredibly to the workouts, my cardio and lungs are getting better with every workout.   So to the doubters out there, let them doubt.  I know it works,for me,  and that is what is ultimately important.

  • Well said by everyone.   I've known it was going to take more then 90 days for me to get to my ideal weight.   Well, actually that sounds kinda negative.. I guess the way I was looking at it REALISTICALLY was that there was no way I'd be able to get to my ideal weight in 90 days IF I was actually going to stick with it.  What I would be afraid of happening would be to kick butt on the challenge but be so craving that I would fall off the wagon.  So I'll take my longer time approach eat MUCH better then I have in my WHOLE life, exercise as best as I can, but also keep it so I'll stick to the program.   And that means that I'll be having whole wheat bread and tortillas lol..    I've given up so many foods that I've eaten forever, cut many of them back to almost zero consumed, but WW bread wasnt one of them..  And I'm sure that's why I still have some flab around the middle, but MUCH less then I did 6 months ago!

  • Firesong, three years ago i was at my heaviest and i was in complete despair that I will ever lose weight. I didn't know what to do. I knew so much about exercise and i knew nothing about nutrition. No matter what I did, i always packed on all the weight back. I paid a personal trainer to show me what to do, he gave me the usual paper with three meals to follow to the letter. THEN, my UBW started with  2-pound dumbbells!! When I protested, i was upgraded to the 3 pound dumbbells. When it was time to do my leg press, he put me on the 15 kilos plate asking me to do 12 reps x 10. To me that was a zombifying brain freeze! I asked him to move, increased the weights to 80 kilos and told him that that was how i liked to exercise. He moved me back to 15 kilos "for me to go longer and be able to burn fat". I quit happily. Today, thanks to Bill's approach i do even better. If I stayed with that PT, I'd be doing 5 kilos for leg press to "go even longer"! I tried another gym, another PT who did the exact same thing, except that she refused to put on any weight machines in a first place, and gave me a "rubber band" to train with!! Some PTs think we are lazy and if they take us to the next level, we will never show up again.

    Those are the type of personal trainers who doubt and fill people with doubt, and most of them are out of shape and need to be on BFL in a first place. lol

    Dburg, actually brown bread has selenium, which is a very important ingredient for weight loss. The problem is always excess. Some people have an intolerance to wheat that makes them retain water like crazy, and their bodies get bloated. But we are so used to bread and wheat. I haven't had a bottle of oil in my kitchen cupboards in two years, nor a bag or sugar, nor chocolates. I have forgotten about all that.. which was impossible for me. But bread.. boohoo... Was it not for the facts that Bill allowed WW bread and a free day, I don't think I'd be able to cope.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • We really are much better off with carbs that aren't bread.  I do Ezekial on rare occasion, but it's best to avoid altogether.  Even Bill was really hesitant to approve it.  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • There are so many delicious options.  I think people think they have few choices or everything must be bland, but that's not the case.  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • I get that Jessica, but I'm in a MUCH better place today because he did allow WW bread, then I would've been if he didnt.   I honestly dont know if I would've attempted BFL if he hadnt...   So while I am expanding my horizons on food options,  bread for me, is a requirement :)

  • I hope you didn't think the I doubt the program, that isn't true, I know it works to some degree if you follow Bill's instructions to the TEE. The question is to what degree? And that isn't a matter of faith, it's a matter of science.


    Let's say my caloric needs are 1,800/day

    200 grams each of protein and carbs


    And my exercise routine is as much as I can push it each week with close to the same amount of energy burn.


    Bwhich one of these two calorie intakes will lead to better results?


    A week where my intake looks like this: 1,800-2,100-1,950-1,800-2,300-1,850-2,600


    Or like this: 1,800-1,800-1,800-1,800-1,800-1,800-1,800-

    No doubting Thomas here in the least, just saying the "easy" part of this also makes it less effective, and there are better ways to do it, thats all.