Need help re 6th meal - PLEASE : ) Anyone???

  • I haven't seen a Greek yogurt with the protein portion lower than the carb portion.  What kind did you get?  

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  • Hi

    Jessica I didn't know that about protein either, good job I opt for cottage cheese and yoghurt for my 6th meal. i usually add a piece of fruit too.  Greek youghurt is good, I tend to still treat it as a carb (that happens to boost the protein numbers!).  you obviously have good nutritional knowledge, which i am pleased to take advantage of!  ;-)  Shame Charlie can't see you advice for what it is.

    Spinney - don't get too caught up in all the rules etc, stick to the book, ask questions when you need to and go for it.  I would also say don't skip the 6th meal, your body will need the calories for all the reasons already mentioned.  Keep it simple, don't overthink things, Bills book has worked for YEARS.

    Good luck!

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  • everything she has said is well known by many. It's that she thinks she is the end all, be all in nutritional advice. Like giving advice for Vietnamese Cinnamon LOL

  • this might be a bit late, but, charlie, you are not only marring the entire body-for-life effort, but embarrassing yourself. Hope you get this.

  • @Spinney - I'm sorry.  I was away and missed this.  I was not saying you shouldn't have Greek yogurt.  When I say it wasn't popular at the time BFL was written, it simply meant people didn't know much about it, and it wasn't common, not that it wasn't popular because it wasn't seen as good.  I am concerned about what you said about the protein portion not being higher, because with Greek yogurt, that should be the case.  Are you looking at one of those ones with fruit and some sort of sauce? 

    Do get the 0% plain Greek yogurt.  Personally... I don't like it, so I use Vietnamese Cinnamon, which is sweet, and tasty.  It's the sweetest of the cinnamons. I'm not a great cook, and am finding that being able to work with spices makes this a more enjoyable experience, and more sustainable, with is the point.  

    edit: sorry.  I thought this was a more recent post, because it came up with a recent comment.  I'd imagine you've well figured this out by now.  :)

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  • Thanks, PamNZ!  And please do reach out at anytime.  Good advice you gave.  Just keep it simple and stick to the book.  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Where can i see your before and after photos? Want to see what i am capable of doing as well. Did you find this program worked?

  • I tend to consume a bar or a shake as my last meal shortly before bed.

  • @Fizz709 - Here is a link to my accountability thread, which includes my pictures.  BFL absolutely works.

    And, like Dan, I usually have a shake before bed.  Unlike Dan, I never and I do mean never have a protein bar.  I think they're a tiny step above a Snickers.  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!