HELP PLZ - Mid morn meal - 1/2 pottle choc yoghurt & Cottage Cheese??

  • One more question for today please : )


    I was eating brown rice and plain tuna, but now want to hurl at the thought or smell of it : ( I have been mixing a half pottle choc yoghurt with cottage cheese.  From what I could see, the choc yoghurt had less calories then normal fruity type yoghurt.  Do you think the 1/2 pottle choc yoghurt and cottage cheese mix is ok???


    Thanks again : )

  • I don't think it will be easy to give a flat out answer on the choc yoghurt as the brand name and calorie breakdown is not available.

    Fewer calories is not all the answer there is when you need to chose something to use on this program.

    Cottage cheese should be ok as it is on the approved list.

    When you want to improvise and add something to the approved list, you should really (really) know what you're doing.

    Some food will have fewer calories but are packed with sugar when compared like-to-like with other products. You can have something that has 150 calories, all of which is from protein, and you can have another product with 100 calories all of which are from sugar. The latter is a big no-no on this program as sugar is not allowed. Just an example.  

    As you are exercising, you will need QUALITY food to fuel your body.

    There are tens of options how you can get your protein and COMPLEX carbs on this programs.

    Check out the nutrition plan, approved food, meal ideas on this website if you don't have the book.

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