Are Ryvitas allowed as carbs?

  • Hi all

    I went shopping yesterday and wanted something different to have with the huge amoutns of low fat cottage cheese I've been eating. I picked up a pack of Ryvita crackers but before I eat them I want to check they were ok to have as carbs, and how many would make up a portion?

    Wholegrain Rye Flour (97%), Rye Flour, Salt.

    The stats per cracker:

    Energry:   35kcal
    Protein:    0.9g
    Carbs:     6.7g
    of which sugars (0.3g)

    Fat:   0.2g
    Fibre:   1.7g
    Sodium:   0.02g

    Are these ok to have as my carbs? and how many would be a portion?

  • yes they are very healthy