Pickled eggs...

  • So my mother is ALWAYS trying to feed me lol.  I know she means well, but her diet is HORRID!!

    Anyway, today she made pickled eggs and really wanted me to try them and I did (just the white).  I actually really liked them.  I asked her how she made them and she just it was just:
    Hard boiled eggs, beets and juice (canned), and vinegar, thats it.  Then they just rest overnight to turn purple and soak up the flavor. 

    So my questiosn is do you think they are ok to eat as my protein??  I don't EVER eat yolks j because I am allergic, but I eat whites all the time.  I am thinking they are fine, but I might have to check the sodium in the beets since they are canned.


  • I don't see why not. The sodium might not be so good, but as far as eating something full of protein, you're in the ball park. I'm wondering if there is a way to pickle the items but make it low sodium. My mom used to pickle a lot of vegetables, but not eggs. I never tried pickling eggs, but I'm not really a big fan of eggs in the first place. We pickled tomatoes, cucumbers (of course) and beets.

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