• So, what's the deal with this?  Is it authorized? 

  • I'm in Week 7 and have had 2 subway 6"ers. When I go, I get turkey on whole wheat with lots of veggies and a dab of mustard. I love it. You can get nutritional numbers from subway's website pretty easily. The numbers on that one isn't too bad.

  • Yeah, I'm just trying to figure out the bread because the buns are pretty big.  Maybe take the top off?  

  • Another option...maybe save it for your free day. Or you could always take one of the buns off, yep.

    If I remember right, the whole sandwich has around 44 carbs. Of course some of the carbs are from the veggies too but mostly bread.

  • I avoid Subway- Not that it is unhealthy, But I KNOW myself. I will say "Gee, Stacy- I can get a 6" turkey or chicken *** sub.... and while I'm here, maybe an ice tea. Before I know it, I'm going there on the days that I couldn't think of what to bring for lunch.

    My advice is to keep it to your free days and make your own subs at home-  Easy on the bread and oils, skip the mayo, etc,,,

    Subway (as all fast food places) find sneaky ways to toss in empty calories that you don't need.

    The next time you really want one- just remember- This isn't the "Jared" plan, and it's only 12 weeks.

    Good luck! Keep going!!

    Stacy Lynn

  • Keep in mind folks that LIFE happens. I was on the road for 5 days. You can't possibly pack every single meal for 5 days. Subway was definitely one of the best options that I had available. I did tear off some of the bread. This was during an official challenge.

    Body for LIFE! Make sure it fits into your life.

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • Stacy:  Keep in mind that I have finished the 12 week challenge complete with entry kit send in and all.  I am more looking for an idea of if Subway is okay after the challenge on occasion as an acceptable BFL way.

  • I read on a fitness site that the Subway Turkey or Roast Beef with Veggies on wheat was Ok, but to be wary of the Tuna, as it was not as acceptable for most diets as people thought.  I haven't indulged at Subway, but I had been thinking that if I had to the Tuna would be the way to go.

  • Thanks for that Tony..I was thinking Turkey.

    I know why the Tuna is cautioned against - the amount of mayo used to mix it is filthy wrong.

  • Ah- as maintaining? I don't see why it would be bad.

    Stacy Lynn

  • I had subway yesterday for one of my meals.  6'' whole wheat roast beef with all the veggies, extra hot pepper, 1 small line of fat free honey mustard and a dash of pepper.

  • I actually work at Subway.  I make whole wheat 6 inchers but  scoop as much as the dough out as possible (it comes out super easy) and leave the 'shell'.   The TUNA is hit or miss (it is made on site and depnds who makes it that day with how much mayo).  THe turkey, or ham is best bet but so much salt ! Theres a specified amount of veggies but we can't say no to extra and there's no extra charge so PILE IT HIGH (and it's scooped out so it'll hold more).  

    Mustard and oregano and your good to go. (I use the brine off the banana peppers for 'sauce') .

    Ideally, take your owns protein and slide it in later~you'll know 100% what your eating then.

  • YIKES! With all that cathartel i ahd over Subway the day before yesterday Im surprised were all feeing mor epositive about Subway. So let me get this straight. If we eat a 6 inch for lunch then its ok if we get the roast beef or roast chicken on whole wheat and take the top of the bread off? what about having one a day every day? without half the bread?If we take take one 6 inch and cut in half an deat it for 2 meals a day would that be suitable?

  • the subway thing works, turkey on wheat with veggies no mayo, etc. but I ask them to take out some of the bread middle and sometimes buy extra turkey, depending on if you are a guy who needs more protein.

  • Basically, after doing a pile of research, I have found the best bet is an oven roasted chicken *** on whole wheat with no fat sauce like honey mustard, mustard etc.  It has the best protein/fat ratios.