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  • I had figured this out once but can't find the thread I posted it on:

            Using 1 cup skim milk and a scoop of Designer Whey protein powder=

    Calories 190

    fat   2

    sodium  195

    carb    16

          fiber   0

          sugar   14

    protein       27


    Compared to Myoplex, this 'protein milk' concoction is missing some vitamins and minerals, but I still drink it all the time to save money.  I like experimenting with different flavors, and sometimes adding some cold coffee for a special coffee drink taste!


  • oh, as far as if it's a complete meal?  Milk has more carbs than protein, so if you increased the milk to 2 cups, you would have a better ratio.  I tend to eat too many carbs, so i myself stick to one cup milk, hoping it balances out that way.

  • Hi Optigirl,

    What if i were to mix the powder into 2 cups of 1% MILK?  Would that equal a complete meal portion (protein and carb?)  Thanks !

  • you'd be fine adding some frozen berries.  i wouldn't go w/ a complete extra portion of carbohydrates but berries are on the lower end of the carbohydrate scale so half a portion of these would be fine and would still cause this drink to lean more towards protein :)

  • I compared the nutritional info for 1% vs. skim.  The only difference is 20 more calories per cup and a few more fat grams.  Protein and carbs are the same.