snacking off plan.

  • today marks approximately the end of my second week on my first BFL challenge.  i have been doing well with all of the workouts and planning/eating 6 balanced meals a day. 


    however, i've been having a bit of a  problem with slight off schedule, unbalanced snacking...mostly between my 4th meal and 5th (dinner with my family).  it's never anything much - a handful of blueberries or a couple of carrots, but it makes me feel like i'm doing something horrible, and it makes me feel guilty.  i don't feel deprived eating the BFL way at ALL but it is so difficult for me to stop munching randomly during this time.


    is this a really bad thing? will it prevent me from getting the results i'm after?  does anyone have any techniques to prevent this kind of slipping?



  • nebotti,  

    First let me say throw out the guilt.  Its not healthy and won't get you to your goal.   I am sure there are many answers to your question, but I would look at the amount you are eating in meals 3 and 4, maybe your calorie intake is not enough and you are needing more.  Another thought is that plan that snacking into your program, so if its a carb, then reduce your carb in meal 5 or 6.  Just make sure you are balanced and take time to look at your meals.  You may just not be getting enough.