Delicious Protein Smoothies and Shakes!!!

  • Oh my, you've inspired me.  I just made my first smoothie, from what I had around:

    1 cup fat free skim milk

    a few frozen berries

    1 teaspoon ground flax seed

    1 scoop chocolate whey

    half cup of ice

    It's great!

  • Thank you for posting this.  I am sure they will help immensely.  

    I am on Week 6, Day 1 of my first challenge.  I have not seen any changes nor have I lost any weight.  Was it also that Week 8 mark that you began to see changes??  

    I read your profile and just want to say you look so amazing after your transformation and are such an inspiration.  =)

  • Youthful Winter - powdered peanut butter is a product that is made by several different companies, although I have only tried the PB2 brand by Bell Plantations.....think of peanuts that have been ground so fine that they end up a powder.  They take out a lot of the fat, there is little sugar in it, and it's great to use in shakes, smoothies, oatmeal, and other foods for flavoring.  You can add a little bit of water to it, to make a paste of peanut butter, but without the fat.  

    SuzanneMarie - that sounds wonderful!  And the addition of flax seed is a great idea!

    Tracing114 -  I actually had steady progress up until around wk 8 thru 9 and then it felt like I hit a plateau.  That's when I almost gave up - well, for a couple of days!  Thank goodness I got over it and finished out the 12 weeks!  Everyone is so different though.  Make sure you are tracking your food on paper, hitting your 10's when you workout, and drinking lots of water.  Don't give up!  Make every day count.  Thanks so much for the compliment :)

    Susan Berna

    2010 Body-for-LIFE Grand Master Champion

  • This is my new favorite flavor of flavored water.  You can find it at Wal Mart and Sam's Club.  It's similar to the Tropical one I use in the Tropical Breeze shake; I just love this one!!  I mix it with banana and pineapple and vanilla whey protein powder.  It is to die for!

    Susan Berna

    2010 Body-for-LIFE Grand Master Champion

  • Cinnamon Roll Protein Shake:

    6 oz. Skim Milk

    2 oz. water

    1/4 tsp. Cinnamon

    1 TB. Sugar-free, fat-free Vanilla Jello Instant Pudding Mix

    1/8 tsp Butter Extract (you can add more if you want a more buttery taste)

    1 Scoop EAS Vanilla 100% Whey Protein Powder


    Blend and enjoy!

    **** you can also make this with 8 oz. sugar free Vanilla Almond Milk too, instead of Skim milk and water ****

    Susan Berna

    2010 Body-for-LIFE Grand Master Champion

  • Mighty Melon Zinger:

    8 oz. Clear American Honey Dew Melon Sparkling Water (this you can find at Sam's Club or WalMart, see photo below)

    1 Cup Cantaloupe chunks

    1 Scoop EAS Vanilla 100% Whey Protein Powder


    Blend and enjoy!!

    Susan Berna

    2010 Body-for-LIFE Grand Master Champion

  • Merry Christmas BFL-ers!!!!!



    1 Cup Unsweetened Chocolate Almond Milk (if you only have vanilla, you can use that instead)

    1 Scoop EAS 100% Whey Protein Powder in Chocolate

    1 TB Sugar-Free Chocolate Pudding Mix

    1/8 tsp. Peppermint Extract


    Blend and Enjoy!

    Susan Berna

    2010 Body-for-LIFE Grand Master Champion

  • Susan,

    I just started the Body for life diet. I want to do this right but I am overwhelmed by all the information on the web. I read the book but am a little confused on a couple of things. I am 35 and a mother of four. I just finished Nursing school and packed the weight on. I weigh 220 and am in desperate help to become a happier me. I just started the program this week and so far this is how I planed by week. I have a smoothie in the morning for breakfast. which consist of orange juice, banana, frozen strawberries, & plain yogurt. then a eas premixed shake. Then lunch with is normally turkey or chicken with green beans another eas shake for a snack mid evening, dinner which is chicken breast and a vegetable.

    When I go to the gym this week I did 25 minutes on the elliptical then upper body for 35 minutes. Is this the way I should be doing this? Also I was reading your post about all the smoothies I didn't realize we could have the flavored waters. I hate drinking plain water. Can I substitute the flavored water for the plain water intake everyday?

    THANK YOU!! so much for taking the time to help me. I really want to do this right for me and my kids.


    Bobbie Butler

  • Were do you find this? Thanks :)

  • BFL SUE: Great thread! Protein shakes have always played a big roll in my nutrition as well. Something that I have began adding to all my shakes is liquid egg whites (usually 1/2 cup) just to up the protein content. Wonderful recipes.....I will try some out for sure.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • This is great thanks so much. What do you do if you crave sweets!!

  • You can also find it on too

  • Hi there. Glad you have made the decision to join us!!

    in my opinion just watch the o. Juice as it is more concentrated and has lots of carbs and sugar.

    I love having scrambled eggs (egg sub) and a piece of toast and toast. yum.. that's my favorite

  • I love that you are doing this post I never thought about making the kids popsicles from them they wouldn't even know they are healthy instead of all sugar thank you so much.  I saw your before and after pics printed it you are my insperation.  I really want to make good changes for me and the kiddos, I feel bad cause they eat really bad I am slowly getting them to eat healthy.   I am on week 2, I feel the difference already just in my energy level it's amazing.


  • I'm new to the forum, and just bought a ninja blender. I'm looking at this page, and feeling inspired! I bought the EAS chocolate soy protein powder. Coming up with recipes has been a daunting task because it seems like a lot of what I'm mixing goes against each other. Tonight, I tried strawberries, carrots, celery, protein, and a cup of water. Ick! When you change your diet around to something a lot healthier, it feels good to eat vitamin-rich food, but the taste was BITTER! Nevertheless, I'm excited to be here.