No Alcohol?

  • hi Everybody; how ya all doing?  I hope very well!  KrisStyle, how bout you??  

    Last week I  missed too many workouts and drank too much as usual...overall I lost 1/8 lb.  at least I didn't gain but I must get serious here.  also about the whole waist line thing...I also believe genetics have ALOT to do with how large your waistline is ...and then I know drinking definitely messes up your metabolism for sure.  I am walking proof of it.  Also, to "MB get fit", sharing that bottle of wine was a great idea, that would mean only 2 to 2.5 glasses total for you..not bad...better than drinking the whole bottle of wine yourself...(5 glasses)....getting my walking shoes out of my car and going for a walk here soon on my first break!  let's keep going and cut the alcohol....have the courage to do better this week...oK you guys/gals....HAVE A GREAT WEEK!  keep in touch ok?  HUGS xoxo

  • @Palmer1924 and @KrisStyle, I'm rooting for both of you. Trust me... I'm living proof, you won't even miss it after a couple of weeks.

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    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you'll be right!

  • Hello Friends,

    I did great last week. I didn't drink a drop most nights and was so proud of myself. I kicked ass in the gym all week too. I gave blood on Thursday and had 2 beers that night (that's nothing compared to what I usually have). Friday night I "only" had 3. Saturday was my total cheat day and I guess by definition I am a total binge drinker. I went to a party and had 3 Hennessy and Red Bulls and at least one beer. I don't really remember. Sunday, I felt the abuse. I was shaky from the sugar and had a headache. Hate it.

    Today is Monday so I plan not to have anything all week again. Sadly, even one night of non-drinking saves my body tons of poisoning.

    I have heard about the 3 days of metabolism stalling that alcohol causes. Why oh why can't I just give it up forever? I feel like I would do anything to be fit and realize the fruit of my labor in the gym and on my plate....UGH!

    Let's all try not to drink tonight and report back tomorrow. Drink tons and tons of ice water and when you think about drinking, think about how all the rest of us are at home avoiding the temptation too! It helps!


  • Hey guys!  This is awesome that we're all in this together.  Okay, here's my deal, today is day 1 and I had 5 chocolate chip cookies at 140 calories each and I had a glass of white wine too!  So, how am I doing?  LOL...  jeeez...  i gotta rock it tomorrow.  My son was home sick today so that threw a major glitch into my day's workout and all...

    Wish me luck tomorrow.  By the way, all those cookies are gone now too.  I weighed 164 this morning...I really should be 130...  it blows...  I'm 42 and feel like a 60 yr old...  HELP!!!

    Good luck everyone and hope you guys had better luck today than me :)

  • ok I am checking in!  hi everybody!  Happy Tuesday

    I am pleased to report NO ALCOHOL was consumed by this girl yesterday. Ate well however did not get a workout in.  bummer.  BUT, got up and adam this morning on the stationary bike, 25 minutes, Level 4, which is tough for me just beginning again. (legs get sore fast) Then did the 12 minute Ab/Back w/o with Amy Dixon on Exercise TV.  Felt feels so good to workout I don't know why it is so darn hard for me to do every day.    so let me know how you all are doing.  @KrisStyle? how you doin?  Thanks for your support @EllaBlue;  you sure make it (quit drinking) sound easy....@MB GET FIT, how you doin?  I am pushing 50 and some days I feel so old and crotchity like I am 70 yrs old, so I hear you...I know what you mean..  So it's time to get thee old behind's in gear!  Let's Go!

  • hey palmer, good job w/ the working out!  you can DO THIS!

    Hey  a little update on my end...  my father in law passed away suddenly in the beginning of the month and now my sister in law who has been battling stage 4 breast cancer is pretty much dying.  I am going to take some time off from BFL and focus on her and my kids and hubby.  I will still try and do cardio when i can but i dont feel like i can commit to this challenge right now.  I will rejoin the group at some other point...  it's all to hairy right now.  It was great chatting w/ you and hope you stick it out!  Go get 'em!

  • Just read through some of these post and I'm feeling you all : ) Nearly  EVERY challenge I have tried (and there have been many) ended short due to alcohol...This time, my wife and I are three weeks in and haven't had a drop! It CAN be done and so far is welllll worth it.

    I've decided if I can't stop for 12 weeks in order to completly change my life, i may need to seek help : )

    So, 12 weeks alcohol free is where I'll be and at the end of 12 weeks...I'm partying like a Rock Star : )))

    with abs : )

  • @Rob and Jen,

    You'll be partying like a rock star, because you'll be looking like a rock star (a healthy one, anyway... not like Mick Jagger).

    At the beginning of this program, I was apprehensive about the alcohol only on free days. If I thought I wasn't going to be drinking any alcohol, then I probably wouldn't have started the program. Spring and Summer are full of alchohol filled events, like parties, concerts and baseball games, complete with tailgating.

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    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you'll be right!

  • hi MB, I wanted to say I am so sorry about your Father In Law passing and your sister in law with her illness.  I definitely feel for you... as we get older it seems there are more deaths in our family and it can be trying.   don't give up though and please come back later and let us know how you are was great chatting and thanks for your support... :O)  hugs to you and stay strong as you can.


  • Hello my fellow BFL drinkers.

    I hope you are still in the challenge, holding off the drinking and dropping those pounds.

    I just started my eighth week and things look good. Last week was tough; a lot of traveling, too many restaurants and bars. Haven't been able to quit drinking entirely (I admire Rob & Jen, and probably I do need help), but things are under control. 20#s lost so far. I'm focusing on the things I accomplish and not the ones I miss and that keeps me going. I read somewhere that rather than lowering calorie intake to make up for alcohol it's better to do extra exercise, so I'm exercising like crazy.

    Good luck to you  all.