How soon should I eat after Cardio?

  • I'm a little confused about how soon after my cardio workout I should eat. I try to do my workouts first thing in the morning, but becasue I have no equipment in my apartment, I sometimes have to plan around getting into the city to my gym which I can't do til later. I try to wait 2 hours after my meal before I workout, but I'm not sure if I should wait an additional hour after the workout to eat since I am trying to burn fat. 

  • I'm new at this but I was told to do cardio on an empty stomach (3 hours after last meal) and wait an hour before eating again. For weights, also on an empty stomach but eat some proteins within 30 minutes after finishing the routine. Hope this helps.

    Welcome to the challenge.

  • I called the number on this web site and they told me to have a protein shake within 30mins of my weight training and my cardio. I use the light shakes. hope this helps. :)

  • Thanks so much! It's a big help. I'm still struggling a little bit with the best foods for belly-fat-burn, but I'm hoping that scheduling my meals around my workouts will help because I definitely had been accustomed to eating a little something before and a lot after. :)

  • According to the latest research.....If your goal is muscle building (which is the goal on weightlifting days) you should eat within 30 minutes of weight training. Shakes are good because the nutrients hit your system quicker. If your goal is fat loss, then it is best to wait an hour after cardio because you are still in a fat burning stage after the cardio and once you put food in your system, your body  will switch over to burning carbs as the primary fuel source. You are still burning calories even after you put food in your system, but your body is no longer pulling directly from your fat stores.

    You can still achieve great results by following the rest of the program even if your schedule does not allow you to eat at the times mentioned above. However, research shows muscles recover best when refueled within the "golden window" and you can burn a little extra fat by capatalizing on the after burn of your cardio session and waiting an hour to eat.

  • Awesome. That was the clarification I was looking for. I'll change my eating after weight lifting because I do want to add some muscle which I know also helps to burn out your overall body fat. It's important for me to stay strong physically because that helps me stay strong mentally!