Homemade tomato sauce great for EVERYTHING!

  • Here is the original recipe ... http://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/five-minute-tomato-sauce-recipe.html

    I make it using tablespoons EVOO and I use garlic you can get in the little jars in your produce section.  Next time I might omit the EVOO all together just to make it super low fat.  Best of all it is SUPER easy and only takes 5-10 min!!

    Anyway, this sauce is SUPER yummy and it is nice to know that it is fresh and clean with no added chemicals or sugar!!  Hope you like it enjoy!!

    Oh, and I like to use it with ground turkey breast and spaghetti squash or on grilled chicken with a tiny bit of FF mozzarella and some zucchini (it is like chicken parmesan only grilled and SUPER clean!!) YUMMMMM!!

  • yes! I was planning on making some kind of pasta casserole dish tonight and this can be my sauce!  thank you

  • OptiGirl - it is SUPER YUMMY and sooooo easy to make!  It is not your typical HEAVY tomato sauce it has a light fresh flavor that is PERFECT for spring/summer!!

    PLEASE let me know how you like it!

  • I have a question.  If you make a whole wheat pasta, and use this as the sauce for it, you'll be using quite a bit.  What would you consider it?  Could it be considered a serving of veggies or what would you call it?  It's not like you'll be using just a spoonful, you'll be using a fair amount.  

  • It sounds delicious! Fresh tomato sauce is always more tasty. I used to prepare a large amount of tomato sauce and keep it in fridge and that makes our meals almost ready anytime, and you're SUPER wonderful to share this amazing recipe with everyone. I'll try it with turkey meat too. Thans fitmama :)

  • Thanks 1fitmama.. I will definitely try it... sounds good... and I have to try to keep this BUFF body I finally am started to develop

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  • k, I made it tonight and it was great!!  I followed the recipe exactly and there was way too much EVOO I think!  I shold have reduced it like you did.  The crushed red pepper put a litle too much spice in it for my taste, so next time I'll just reduce that too.  That lemon zest really adds something!

    But I will definitely make it again.

    dburg--I suppose if you ate a fistful of it, it might count as a veggie?  But I mixed mine with  ground turkey and still had a salad on the side to make sure I got my veggies in.

  • Made some of this yesterday and it's very good.   Thanks for the link!

  • And I did use EVOO but not as much.  And it's pretty amazing how you can taste the lemon zest.  Just a hint and it really adds to it!!   Made 'pizza' with it tonight and it was awesome!!!

  • I usually add two cups of water, a cube of beef bullion and let it simmer for about an hour. Garlic is a must. I always use CENTO peeled tomatoes no preservatives, great taste. I'm not sure if I should continue to do it like this because of the sodium in the bullion. I always read that sodium is bad but I don't know how bad

  • has anyone eaten the leftovers??  I made a casserole type thing with mine with noodles and put all the leftovers in the freezer in individual containers.  I heated some up today and it's like the lemon reproduced while sitting in there, and all I could taste was lemon, nothing else :(

    It was great the day I made it.  I had something like this happen another time I made a dish with lemon zest and had leftovers.  From now on I will only add the lemon zest to my individual serving.

  • 1fitmama- Definitely an awesome recipe!

    dburg30 - I did some looking up about neutrition facts:


    I want to try this with out the EVOO.  You could substitute the sauce for some of the  pasta if you like, to even out the carb to protein ratio.  

  • Opti, I agree, I could really taste the lemon as the time went on.  Still really like this though.  May try it with less lemon.   My wife didnt like the red pepper flakes so much.  I loved them, so may find something else to get a little spice without the heat next time for her.

  • I honestly just tend to use a mix of crushed/diced canned tomatoes (nothing added) and then heat it up with the typical italian spices extra garlic and extra red piper flakes because I like the spice. Some chopped onions add a little more texture, too. I don't add any EVOO.

  • Made some more of this last night, and man I still love it.. Did drop the lemon zest out, still put a bit of juice in it though.. And I still put some EVOO in and just havent had the problems that others seem to have had.. /shrug.. If folks are looking for a tasty (or one you can season yourself) this is a great recipe IMO..  And can be used on lots of stuff!!