Snack ideas other than shakes

  • Hey Jessica,  Where would one purchase PB2.  Peanut Butter is the one thing on BFL plan that i miss sooooooooooooooooooooooooo   much.  If I could have just a taste here and there---this would be very cool.   jill

  • I get it from their website, which is  I think some health stores carry it, but I'm not positive of that.  It sounds gross, but if you mixed it and did a blind taste test you wouldn't know.  I don't have much, but sometimes with some apple at night it's really nice.  (and my protein of course)

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  • I like to add the PB2 to chocolate protein powder with a little frozen bannana and ice. Mmm! tastes like a milkshake!

  • yea   thanks for the info

  • Heres one I have been eating on ocassion would love to hear what ya think, if its a good idea..2 cups skim milk, 1 box sugar free-fat free instant pudding, 2 scoops protien poweder. makes 2 serving. My ususal is fat free cottage cheese and fat free yogart :)

  • some snacks i enjoy...there is a great recipe for chocolate pumpkin muffins in the recipe section here. AnnaL, that recipe for protein pudding is also an approved recipe on this site. i was grossed out by the thoughts of mixing cottage cheese with yogurt, but found it to be quite delicious!! i also do a baked potato with cottage cheese for a quick snack. or tuna mixed with a cut up apple wrapped in lettuce. or cottage cheese mixed with a cut up apple sprinkled with cinnamon and a little splenda. my ultimate favorite summer time snack/lunch is a spinach salad with grilled chicken breast, sliced strawberries, and sliced almonds with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

  • Wow I just read all the comments, people need to calm down a bit. First off, I wonder how many on here are Registered Dieticians? I have known about BFL since 2002 and I actually tried it in 2005, worked great for me and I did not subscribe to everything in the "Red" book due to I was not new to working out (I am former Military and a former athelete in multiple sports including boxing, football, swimming). The reason why I liked BFL becuase it is something that I can do that fits into my hectic schedule. I am on my second go around (in the middle of the infamous week 8). BFL is not an exact science, although a good guide to go by, it is a guide. Not everyone on here is yearning to be an olympic athelete. Most like myself just want to get back into shape and feel better. So like many of the suggestions that are typed on this blog, BFL is in the same category, just a suggestion. There are other programs out there which some may feel are better, diets out there that others may feel as better than what is recommended in the "Red" book, that doesn't make them wrong or right, it is a matter of opinion and what works best for that individual. I got close friends who swear PX90 is the greatest thing next to slice bread, have achieved results far more greater than what i have seen from some of the champions and they sometimes ridicule me about BFL. I dont bark back and tell them they are wrong, I always respond with "whatever works for you do it". I myself never tried PX90 and really have no interest in trying, I happen to think BFL is a good fit for me. So when a person ask for advice, nothing wrong with giving advice, but don't think your advice is 100% fact. It is your opinion based on your experience and/or what you have learned, but does not make it corrrect. Opinions are like as----okay you get the point. If I were new to BFL, I would not want to ask anything after reading this post. Coming off  as an authortative person seems to be kind of condescending and counterproductive to what this site is meant for. Nothing wrong with voicing your opinion but let us respect each others ideas and opinions and not turn this into "I know what is best" match. This is not targeted towards in one person, just my thoughts. Thanks


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  • Re: Protein Pudding.  One of my favs too.  In fact I haven't had it in a while, maybe I should whip up some.  Just remember to divide it in to the proper portions. 

    Bizzey you are exactly right, there is no "holy grail" of what works.  Each person must own their own decisions with food.  If you don't see results, you need to look a little deeper at what you are doing and make some changes.  If one method works better for one person that doesn't mean it's the best for all.  The more disciplined you are, the better your results.

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  • Hey Jessica:

    What amount constitutes a portion of cottage cheese and what is considered a portion of yogurt?  I mixed some together this morning and it was really good, but I'm not sure I used the right amounts.



  • Patsy.  I so wish I thought those 2 mixed tasted good.  I don't eat either often so don't know sizes off the top of my head.  It's not because it's not a good option, just personal taste preference.

    I would do the grams method.  Shoot for 20-25 grams of protein and carb at each meal.  This is by volume, not weight.  The package should tell you.  So... 1 yogurt, if the container is 59g of carbs is 2 portions or if they say there's 4 portions in the cottage cheese container and the nutritional value of each portion is 15 grams then you know that container is more like 3 portions.


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  • Actually, this thread has been helpful. I got a lot of good ideas just reading this thread. Personally, I don't eat cheese that often for it to become an issue with me, so I will probably not worry too much about it.

    I eat a lot of Greek yogurt. I haven't tried mixing it with cottage cheese yet.

    I like Kashi with soy for breakfast or mid morning snack with some fruit.

    I'm eating Zone Perfect bars now. They have 12gms protein and 22 whopping gms of carbs. If anyone knows of a better protein bar, please let me know.  :P

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  • EllaBlue,   My fave Protein bar is EAS Advantage Edge Chocolate Peanut butter  Has 17g Protein.  EAS has lotsa different flavors and they also have them in different amounts of Carbs and Proteins.


  • Hi Anna,

    I've had the EAS bars. They're by the same company as Myoplex, right? Anyway, my supermarket stopped carrying them. :(  I'll have to make a trip to the health food store more often, because you can't beat 17gms protein. I'm always trying to get the product with the most protein.

    Just bought Kashi Go Lean oatmeal with 9gms of protein per envelope. Tastes like cardboard, so I'm going to keep looking for a better tasting high protein oatmeal. I like to keep oatmeal in the house for days I don't have time to cook breakfast.

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  • Great answer Jessica!  I never even thought of looking at it from the "gram" angle.  I was only focused on size.  I thought they would taste nasty together also but was pleasantly surprised to find they are delicious together.  I had low fat vanilla yogurt, low fat cottage cheese and fresh strawberries.  

    If you're bored one day, give it a go!

    Thanks for your help.


  • I think I'll pass. :)

    Just watch for the overall carbs.  The strawberries and yogurt are both carbs so you want them to balance to no more than the 1 portion. 

    The grams method works better for me.  I noticed that portions seem smaller when I like the choice more, am cranky or feeling sad.  My hands are miraculously smaller when it's something I don't so much like.  Being more precise works for me because it keeps me honest and I'd lie to myself if I let me. 

    Also, you don't have to keep doing it again and again.  I know that a cup of dry brown rice is so many carbs and therefore I know it makes a certain number of portions, which I divide up immediately after cooking.  It makes more portions then the package tells me because the package calls for a portion being more than I would want in 1 meal. 


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