Snack ideas other than shakes

  • I'm done too. I feel awful that somehow my initial reply sparked what has turned into a huge discussion about eating cheese or not eating cheese. What a bummer.

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  • You are still incorrect because it is listed on the updated shopping list, you didn't offend me and obviously I am not the only one who read your information wrong because there are two of us saying that you are not helpful.

    I don't have suggestions, I never said I did. I eat Greek Yogurt & have for over 5 years, that is my staple. I actually haven't even changed my diet since starting this program because I use to eat like this before. Since she said she didn't like Greek yogurt I had nothing to offer her. I personally am a creature of habit so I don't mind eating the same thing everyday.

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  • I said it wasn't in the BFL book and it's not!

    You have proven, once again, that you read what I wrote wrong.

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  • Hi Dianah,

    I'm sorry your thread turned into this  People get too involved trying to defend what they say that they forget the point.  The point is here and now, to help you.

    Greek yogurt is your friend.  I personally don't like it plain either.  I get 0% plain. 

    Vietnamese Cinnamon is sweet, unlike most cinnamon that are more bitter.  I add a lot of it to my yogurt because I think Greek yogurt tastes bitter.  Also, there's a protein powder called syntrax.  It's crazy good.  Get the twisted cherry one and add it to your yogurt.  I do a scoop of it with my yogurt and it takes like cherry yogurt awesomeness. Blend it with raspberries maybe. 

    I don't do bread products often, but sometimes buy a high fiber and good quality whole grain wrap.  You can put in something you don't normally, like even fish or do some turkey with cranberries and make it a thanksgiving type thing. 

    I personally am not opposed to sodium in moderation so try making chicken a few ways and that will help.  Some soak in low sodium soy sauce because dry chicken doesn't taste good to most. 

    go to  They have some of the world's best spices it makes a difference.  ...really. 

    What about shrimp cocktail?  Use very little cocktail sauce, but shrimp is perfectly authorized.  Add any carb for a complete meal. 

    Grill a lobster tail and use a ton of lemon to "sauce" it. 

    And I do have a lot of shakes.  They are convenient, quick and good quality. 

    Can you get bison where you live?  Have yourself a burger with baked sweet potato fries and that's just delicious. 

    Horseradish, if you like it, make a great condiment.

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  • There's something called PB2, which is dehydrated natural peanut butter.  It has 75% less fat.  Make a little and put on apple and then also have cottage cheese with cinnamon and ginger on it.  (I can't do fat free cottage cheese plain, but maybe that's just me)

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  • Yikes! This is one scary thread. I hope none of the newbies read it! Let's keep the forum positive. 3 pages of what NOT to do and talk about a 40+ year old Bill Phillips not being as muscular as he was at 30? Not everyone on here has the exact same goals, but I think everyone wants to be fitter and healthier. Let's support the overall goal. I'd rather see people take a few extra weeks to reach their goals and follow an overall healthy lifestyle that they can maintain for life than see people give up because they place unrealistic restrictions on themselves.

  • I do personally stay away from all cheeses except cottage cheese during the challenge. That is just me perosnally. As far the greek yogurt being to thick and bland, fruit or myoplex can add flavor and lighten it up a little bit. I personally just eat regular dannon light and fit yogurt mixed with skim milk cottage cheese for one meal and that seems to be a good balance of carbs and protein. I also like apples or celery w peanut butter. Another one is a banana and some hard boilded eggs with the yolks removed and a little salt.

    I hope I am not stirring a hornets net but... For what it is worth I have interracted with forums with both Jesscia and Patty and found you both to be super happy and upbeat awesome peeps. All the effort and information you both put forth is genrous and commendable. We are all on the same time and working together. Thanks for all you efforts in these posts.

  • try a little salsa in your no fat cottage cheese... actually good!!!

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  • Thanks everyone for the suggestions!  There are definitely ones I will try :)

  • ummm, Hi, I'm new here, and I'm on week 3. Um, Bill Phillips doesn't advocate Body for Life anymore? What does he suggest?

  • Bill Phillips still advocates BFL for getting really fit.  His new venture focuses on getting healthier in all aspects, but not necessarily really fit.  It's much more tame and focused on the inner work. 

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  • oh good. I thought I was doing something outdated and there was something better. Thanks.

    a all the threads here get so heated? I was almost afraid to ask my question earlier.

  • There's really nothing better that I've seen and I check lots of things out.  You're in the right place. 

    No... they don't.  Never be afraid to ask a question.  We are all here to help.  Some are more and less direct.  I prefer direct, but wouldn't be here to reply if I didn't care.  Ask any question you have and if someone disagrees then so be it.

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  • Mmmm.. I just picked two threads at random and both seem to be battle fields...I guess BFL builds a lot of repressed anxiety.

  • Can you build repressed anxiety?  Maybe BFL helps release it.  :)

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