3oz raw or cooked??

  • So I usually weigh my meat to get about 3 oz, but I am wondering should I be weighing my meat raw or cooked??

    For example I usually buy a bag of frozen chicken breast once thawed I would weigh out a 3oz portion which is usually about half a large breast.  Anyway, today out of curiosity I weighed my 3oz chicken breast AFTER I cooked it on the gorge forman and it was only 1.8oz??????

    And it looked really tiny ... so should I be weighing it before or after?????

  • If you are unsure, just use the hand method!

    I do as the book says.  Clenched fist for a carb, (unless it's rice which is 1/2 cup)m and palm of your hand for protein.  Two handfuls for veggies.  Soon you'll be able to use your eye to measure.  

    You're doing great! Don't get too methodical, just follow the book it works!

  • I just use the size of my palm to measure my meat (cooked).  Just out of curiosity, use your palm once and measure it, too, just to see how much it weighs.

    I believe the general rule of thumb is to eat the number of grams of protein that you weigh per day.  So if I weigh 155 lbs, I should eat approximately 155 grams of protein in a day (I generally eat 20-30 grams per meal).

    I hope that helps.

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