Greek yogurt!

  • So I tried some plain nonfat greek yogurt and I LOVE it!!  But I am unsure how to use it in my meals ...

    My yogurt has 6g carbs, and 15g Protein.  What can I add to this to make it a complete meal (20/20 or close to)???


  • Greek yogurt is a great option.  It depends on for which meal to some degree.  You can add berries to make it more complete and just don't add a full portion, but in other words, even it out.  If for meal 6 you can then have your meal be more protein heavy by not adding anything. 

    I would get the larger container though to make your portion larger than the 6 and 15.

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  • Oh ... I never thought of just adding MORE yogurt and then some carbs (berries) that make since.

    However I don't understand what you mean by it depends on which meal??  What difference does it make if its meal 1, 4, or 6??  Can you elaborate because I thought all meals were pretty much the same??  Did I get something wrong?

    Thanks Mighty Max!!  ;-)

  • You are most welcome!

    You got NOTHING wrong.  There are people who prefer fewer carbs with meal 6 and Greek yogurt provides a good solution for that.  I don't know if there's good evidence for or against it.  Keep doing what you're doing because it works.

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  • Thanks lady!!  You are always there to help!!  :)  Have a wonderful night!

  • I cut  up a cucumber, tomato and chop some grill chicken breast, mix in a bowl with the greek yogurt, add some pepper to taste and throw it in a whole weath tortilla and you have lunch!

  • that sounds really good

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  • That does sound really good ... add some garlic and it would be like greek cucumber dip!!  YUMM!!

  • Oh that sounds really good.  I may try that.  I didn't know I liked greek yogurt until I started the challenge.  I mix it with some low fat cottage cheese also and dip apple slices in it,  got that reciped for a previous champion...yum

  • use it in place of sour cream.  I had chicken tacos the other night and I couldn't even tell the difference!

    Also meal 6, I like the yogurt with just a touch of honey, and a couple chopped walnuts and berries.

  • I don't prefer the taste of plain Greek yogurt so I found an odd, but good solution.  Syntrax brand whey protein in twisted cherry flavor.  I mix a scoop in with my yogurt and it's actually good.  It looks gross, but tastes fine. 

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  • I actually put 1/3 cup (that comes with the bag) of the chocolate whey protien in my yogurt and oh my goodness gracias isn't that heavenly?? It's like a wonderful strawberry chocolate yogurt something that I take AT LEAST 15 minutes to eat. I savor it. BUT if you don't use protien shakes then that wouldn't work for you :) I usually eat it as my second or fourth meal. When it's my 6th meal I don't add anything.


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  • Excellent ideas!  Glad you posted about this!