Protein Pancakes ...

  • So I just made the protein pancakes, the variation using 1/2C cottage cheese, 1/2C oatmeal, and 3 egg whites ... WOW these are good!!  It makes for a large meal and I am almost to my next meal and not even a little hungry!!

    I will def make these again!! 



  • Omg..I love these!

    I can't eat eggs so I sub them with apple sauce, they are so delicious:)

  • Are those the protein pancakes that are in the Eating for Life book?  There are some really good recipes in there!!!  Love the ham/egg casserole!!


  • Yes these are great for me to curb a "sugar craving" and they have really helped when i am on the go.  I am keeping them in ziplock bags by portion in my fridge......I have been making the ones with egg whites, oatmeal and fat free cottage cheese.

    melissa maui

  • omg i love those too!  you may have heard me post this b4, but they also work great in the waffle iron too!!  have you tried adding cinnamon?

    I am thinking of adding a little cloves, nutmeg, ginger next time for a 'gingersnap' taste.  I've done that with oatmeal and it's great, just a pinch.

  • Yes I did add cinnamon and a tiny bit of vinilla soooo good!  It just felt so much like I was cheating, I was SO satisfied!!

  • These sound really good, but I have a question.  If I try these pancakes, what serving size should I use?  Are these the palm-size protein or the fist-size serving of carbohydrates?


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  • well based on 1/2 cup each of oatmeal, cottage cheese, and egg whites: 1 serving.  I think 1/2 cup oatmeal once cooked is about a fist-size, and then the 2 protein sources equaling 1 cup is also fisty.  The pancakes expand when cooking.  If you were to use the palm of your hand, I think our palms are way too small to measure these.

  • I.think I will try these but I have to use lactaid lowfat cottage cheese. I will add cloves and ginger too....yum.

    Thanks for sharing guys.


  • Here's another protein pancake recipe...makes one serving(3 normal size pancakes), but you can double up...

    1 med sweet potato

    1 scoop vanilla protein powder (when I double up I use a pkt of myolplex lite)

    3 egg whites

    tsp cinnamon

    tsp vanilla

    pkt of splenda


    I have found that the bag of Ore Ida steamable sweet potatoes make 4 servings so I use 2 pkts of Myoplex Lite and 9 egg whites.

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  • HI Fitmama... how many pancakes did you end up with? How many did you eat for breakfast? Did you eat them plain? I'm planning to make them tonight for tomorrow's breakfast so I'm just wondering- since it will be my first time having them!


  • Hey!!  It made 3 very good sized pancakes and I did eat them all, but barely!!  I have made them 3 times now and the first time I put a tiny amount of sugar free syrup on them, but then felt that was cheating so now I make them with a little extra cinnamon and t packets of splenda to sweeten them up and then eat them plan!  

    Oh and FYI I don't know how others do it, but I blended all the ingredients together first so it was just like regular pancake batter!

  • I blend the ingredients all together also and it keeps for a week in an old cottage cheese container. I could eat the darned things for EVERY meal! LOL

    I use the simple recipe

    1 c cottage cheese

    2.5 c oats

    12 egg whites or 2 cups of egg whites from the carton

    5 packets of splenda

    a butt ton of cinnamon

    and vanilla if I have it.

    I can eyeball it now but I usually make 2 pancakes usuing a 1/4 c and 2 scramble 2 eggs, I use one egg white and one whole egg. I just can't eat 2 plain egg whites. I need at least A yolk! :)


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