turkey bacon???

  • Does anyone know if turkey bacon is a good idea for a protein source? Does it qualify as an approved food?

  • Turkey bacon is listed on the approved list in the champions book. It is not listed on the authorized list from the original BFL book. I don't believe turkey bacon is made from turkey bre**ast meat. It is generally high in sodium and fat grams. Not a suggested choice for a challenge.

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • I wouldn't do turkey bacon for a challenge, however I know for a fact that it's in the EFL cookbook for a really great breakfast option if you're just "treading water," so to speak.

    I made it and it was super yummy. There was a  whole wheat english muffin, three slices of turkey bacon, a large slice of tomato, and low-fat provalone cheese. You thow it in the oven after you put it together (and make the bacon of course) and broil it till the cheese is baked. Egads it was good!


  • Ok, thanks maybe I'll skip on the bacon...