Fighting the hunger - help

  • Today is day 2 of my BFL challenge. So far so good except I'm always hungry! I work out in the mornings before work. I've been eating 6 meals a day with 2 of those meals being protein shakes.

    Any advice on specific foods or food combinations that help with hunger?

    So far my 2 days have gone like this

    Work out

    Meal 1: protein shake

    Meal 2: egg substitute and veggies

    Meal 3: tune and veggies

    Meal 4: protein shake

    Meal 5: cottage cheese and apple

    Meal 6: chicken and veggies

    I read that you're supposed to eat every 3 hours. I'm usually fine until 2 hours hits. Once it's been 2 hours I'm hungry again and by 2 1/2 hours I'm uncomfortable bc I'm so hungry.

    I don't want to starve myself so I'm not sure how many meals a day should include complex carbs or if it's okay to eat sooner than 3 hours.

    Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks!

  • Where are your complex carbs???  Oats, sweet potatoes, quinoa, brown rice, Ezekiel bread?? And what are the portion sizes of protein you are eating...adding in the carbs to each meal will DEFINITELY help. Too many shakes as well are not very satisfying.

    BFL meals are a portion of protein + portion carbs at 6 meals, add veggies to two of those at least, and add in some good fats. Drink TONS of water... are you drinking enough?? And it is between 2-3 hours so if you are going nuts, I say eat. But first let's add in some good carbs and get portion specifications here ok?

    Also, what do your workouts look like? Following the BFL routine of 3 HIIT and 3 Weight sessions on alternating days?

  • Pede,

    Congratulations on starting BFL!!! 2 days in 82 to go! You can do this!!

    ayummymommy is right about carbs. Carbs are energy. This is probably why you are hungry. BFL meals include a portion of protien the size of your palm and a portion of carbs the size of your clenched fist. This includes protein shakes. If the shakes is just protein you could blend in some fruit or use a protein powder with carbs already in it like Myoplex. When you have tuna and veggies you could add an apple or wrap the tuna in a whole wheat tortilla.

    There is a list of authorized foods on this site. Look under the 'Library' tab at the top of the page. This makes making meals very simple. Just choose a protein from the protein list and pair it with a carb from the carb list and you have a meal. Add lots of veggies to at least two of the meals and drink a minimum of two glasses of water with every meal.

    As for hungar this is what I do as a guideline: After a meal if I am hungry before two hours then I did not eat enough. If I am still not hungry after three hours then I ate too much. It takes a little experimenting but you will get it. That is why planning you meals the day before and recording what you actually eat is a good idea. It not only keeps you on track but helps you quickly adjust.

    You are off to a great start! Focus on progress not perfection and KEEP GOING!!


  • LOL, as Orrin responded he was probably thinking "and this coming from the carb-a-phobe" lol. Orrin is 100% right and trust him. He has great experience and has tremendous knowledge. He has also been a HUGE help to me.

    Sure we can cut carbs and lose weight fast yet it is in not good for our energy or for long term maintenance of fat loss.

  • Thank you so much for your help! I'm really struggling with the eating mentally. I've read so many articles about weight loss and counting calories etc. Several websites I went to recommended I only eat about 1500 calories a day to lose weight. I would literally count calories for everything I ate. I would do well during the day but I would be so hungry after work I would eat everything in site. Which defeated the purpose.

    Today I ate brown rice and fiber plus cereal for my complex carbs. I did notice a big difference in my appetite and the hunger didn't strike again until almost 3 hours after I ate my chicken, brown rice and veggies. I caught myself counting the calories tonight though. After my workout I drank a protein shake and I was going to eat some fiber plus cereal for carbs but realized that would have been 410 calories. I freaked out mentally so I ate grapes instead.

    This is definitely going to be a "transformation" for me mentally. I bought the Eating for Life cookbook yesterday. I can't wait to try out some of the recipes. I've already planned out all 6 days for next week so tomorrow it's off to the grocery store.

    Thank you again!!!

  • Nils here

    Don't know how available they are in USA but I find Sardines and Herring quite filling and tasty also full of good body vitamins.  packed with protien they are to.  

  • I would be hungry too if I was eating 900 calories lol

    add some whole eggs with whites. Remember egg whites are an incomplete protein.

    Protein will also curb your appetite. Make sure your portion is 4-6 oz, that should do the trick.

  • Egg whites are one of the only pure proteins to exist.  That being said, yolk is not the enemy.  There is so much good in it and a yolk or two a day will not raise cholesterol in most people.  Also, egg whites process quickly so the fat will help slow that, which means your body will benefit longer. 

    900 calories is too low.

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  • pure protein does not equal complete. Damn do you just follow me around to try and one up me every chance you get?

  • I don't have that kind of energy Charlie.  I'm all over this board.  It happens that we've crossed paths.  Get over yourself. 

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  • I'd rather focus on body fat %. What's yours?

  • It clearly needs repeating... get over yourself.  My final stats, pictures, bod pod results and essay will be posted on day 84, which is February 21st. 

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  • Egg Whites have a PDCAAS score of 1.0.  That makes them a complete protein.

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • LOL  Your score of on the digestibility of the protein, not if it is complete or not.

  • The two are linked.  I am happy to send you more information to explain why.  Egg whites are well documented as being a complete protein.  Do a search.  Although that's not the point.  You are so busy on here trying to prove everyone wrong with bad information that you fail to contribute in a way that enhances the experiences of others.  You need to research if you are going to give specific information, be helpful to others and not to mention, respectful.  That would include to people here and to this site, which is generously provided to you for free, even if you are totally unappreciative. 

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