The Peanut Butter Debate - HELP!

  • I have 3 more things to say and then I'll be done with the great PB debate!  <g>

    1. The label posted above says it all.  Much better than some bad foods, but still not good.  I wouldn't include this in a challenge.  Just my opinion.

    2. I'm the one who posted the "crap" about the original book being better than Abbott's website and the new book.  And for what it's worth, I'm not some "diehard staunch conservative BFL'er"  <g>  Actualy, I work for Abbott.  I was being honest that I think the original book contained the best info.  Never said the website or new book isn't any good, just that I think the original book has more detailed and complete information, and a better food list.

    3. Bilbo99 - I still feel the same way I did when I answered your original post.... I want only the best for you.  You asked the question how much is O.K., and I was simply trying to answer that my opinion is none unless it's free day.

    Again, I hope you get great results and reach all of your goals.  You can do it!

  • Bilbo99,

    I hope this experience has not left a bad taste in your mouth. If it has just eat some natural pb lol (just kidding) but for real. I give you credit for starting this challenge continue on your journey and feel free to contact me at any time. If you click on my user-name, my profile has my primary email. You can contact me via this site or by primary email.


  • Essential Fatty Acids "actually help your body burn fat more efficiently and protect you from certain diseases." (quote from pg. 89 of the original BFL book)  

    We are told to ADD a Tablespoon daily to our Nutrition Plan.  I have read several posts where people say you don't have to add fat to your diet because you get it in the foods you eat.  This may not be true unless you are eating fish, specifically salmon, several times a week.  Not all dietary fat makes you fat, some actually makes you burn fat.  

    I read Eating for Life and my copy is not right here, but I believe Bill Philips updated the list to include things like natural peanut butter and avocados based on newer information about healthy fats and the role they play in weight loss.  Perhaps before this was better understood and emphasized, peanut butter seemed too caloric for it's benefits.

  • The first book was published 10 years ago and although it's wonderful, what we know about nutrition changes all the time.  If you want to err on the side of caution I'd say skip it, but it's all about what you believe will work for you after you do your research.  Personally, I include it, albeit sparingly, and I am not going to let anyone tell me that I am a cheater for doing so.  If you ask any bodybuilder, peanut butter is great.

  • If you're seeing progress in your challenge while still eating peanut butter-all the power to you. Eat up!

    If you struggle with portion control when it comes to peanut butter-avoid it.

    Know how your body responds to what you eat, and when you eat it-bottom line.

    It's true, we don't have to be calorie counters with BFL-yet I think we are wise to learn about caloric intake and caloric deficit when it comes to knowing our bodies well, and HOW they lose weight. THIS was key in my decision to avoid PB unless it's free day.

    As I say to my fifth graders-gather the facts, and then--- "YOU decide."

    ~To be great is not to be higher than another, but to lift another higher. 

  • We absolutely need Essential Fatty Acids, but PB is a lousy source of them.  I know many body builders and none consider PB great.  They use fish oil and sometimes CLA for their fat.  I don't think it's the end of the world if used very sparingly, but make sure to look at it with eyes wide open.  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • I believe I ate pb protein oatmeal pretty much everyday back in 2001.  There were (when the recipes were set up differently) quite a few recipes with the authorized stamp on them that contained pb.  I believe that alot of this is a mindset too.  Are you doing the challenge as a 12 week challenge (to see maximum results in a short amount of time) or are you looking at adjust your eating to be BFL friendly for life, or both.  Some people are in challenge mode and then not, Just like competitors with off-season and getting ready for a show.    Others take a moderate approach every day.  

    If pb is a trigger food for you then that's a completely different issue.  

    Also (I don't remember from the posts I read) did you eat it during your other BFL stints?  

  • Everything in moderation i would not do anything every day besides fruit, veggies and protien and complex carbs.  I say if you want PB eat it... but if eating a little makes you want to eat more of it stay away.  what albout Almond butter is it better for you or the same have you compared lables?  I think it looks like a low source of sodium (i always make sure sodium is same or less than calories) and 10grms of protien as well as the fiber are all great and may stay with you longer to fight off the hunger.  The fat is what concerns me that is why i wonder... watch your fat intake on days you eat PB and you should be fine.  Mentaly if you deny yourself somethign you love you will binge even if it is you free day.  no one can make the correct decision for you but you.

  • The thing about fat is that it's not about not having too much fat in general, it's that you need a certain amount of good fat.  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • BFL does mention an amount of nuts you can have.  Whatever the amount of calories you can have in peanuts, I would keep my peanut butter to the same amount.  I would suggest making your own nut butter.  A lot of natural peanut butters still add sugars.  The calorie density is extremely high in peanut butter so you may want to consider alternatives, but if you make  your own nut butter from roasted peanuts (or even better, raw peanuts) that would be best.  

  • FISH OIL is the way to go for quality Omega 3 in the best form.  Please see my fish oil blog at (Mighty Max)

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • I want to thank everyone who posted comments to this forum.

    I have wondered, and went back and forth on the thread subject.

    But, you fine folks, with your personal perspectives, experiences, and facts have helped me in particular, with a wealth of knowledge, and assisted me to what I believe is a well rounded, and balanced perspective on the subject.

    This is what the FORUM is for.

    It is so that anyone in the forum, see's a thread, can comment their perspective, experience - or what ever.

    I found most of the comments here useful, in factoring a great many things about the specific thread subject.

    The subject was of keen interest to me, because, there are a few pro's and con's about the subject, that could contribute or affect certain BFL goals a person may have.

    I found it subjective to the goals,  or plans a person may have.

    I believe the risks, pro's and con's were accurately reflected and beneficial.

    It is now up to each one of us to make our personal decisions regarding the matter, and act upon them.

    Each and every comment in this thread carried value for me, and I certainly benefitted - and, it is my hope that everyone, being open minded, considered the different perspectives, and what they do - works for them.

    So, thank you all!

    Only my best,

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

  • Bananas and Peanut Butter…

    Do You Want Fries With That?

    by: Michael Harris  7/7/2007

    RATIONALIZE: "to attribute one’s actions to rational and creditable motives without analysis of true and especially unconscious motives; broadly : to create an excuse or more attractive explanation for behavior."

    I answer a lot of questions and often also give unsolicited advice to others, so I get lots of interesting email! (Some of it I confess I do deserve!) One of the patterns I notice a lot in my email, as well as in posts on the guestbook, though, is that there’s a lot of rationalizing going on, especially when it comes to food.

    What am I talking about? Here’s an example of a typical question or post. "Can we have peanut butter? I know it’s got a lot of protein and healthy fats in it." Now, this person sounds like she is genuinely interested in eating healthy fats, doesn’t she?

    Or how about this one? "Is a banana a good carb? I know it’s mentioned in the book, and it has lots of potassium in it!" Boy, we all know that low potassium levels can cause serious problems, and this guy is being proactive--attacking that potassium shortage before it gets a chance to get him!

    Well, I am being a bit sarcastic, but you get the idea. This kind of thinking, rationalizing what you really want to do or eat by putting some kind of a superficial and apparently good reason to it, is actually very dangerous for your health. It is interesting to me that people suddenly see a great benefit to consuming in butter form the very same oil that is used to fry french fries and other food in fast food restaurants across the country. So, if it’s healthy to eat a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter, which are mostly just peanut oil with a bit of protein to them, why would it not be equally healthy to consume a bag of french fries?? They are, after all, a perfectly healthy vegetable--in the book Bill says a potato is a perfect carb doesn’t he--fried in a perfectly healthy oil,peanut oil, right?

    The bottom line is that there is NOTHING really healthy about peanut oil. Granted, it’s not AS UNHEALTHY as trans fats or saturated fats, but it is not an essential oil, and since most of us are getting plenty of fat already in our diet, consuming peanut oil in peanut butter form is far from a great idea!

    And what about our banana? Well, to start with, a whole banana is usually far too large to qualify as a carb portion. So, let’s cut it in half. Secondly, when it comes to healthy choices, bananas are like all other tropical fruits, very sugary. Over half the calories in a banana come from sugar. They have some good things in them, but compared to other fruit choices they are not the healthiest choice. And what about that potassium? Guess what? A super sized order of McDonald’s french fries has 1367 mg of potassium in it!! 39% of your daily requirement. In fact, a potato has twice as much potassium in it as a banana does!!

    So, dear reader, if you are a big bananas and peanut butter rationalizer, you now have the perfect reason to say "YES!" when the drive through dude says, "Do you want fries with that?"

  • Legs C3,

    You post really offered nothing to this conversation other than a holier-than-thou attitude that I surely was looking for when I started this question. I hope you are not trying to portray me in your cute little sarcastic examples because I asked nothing of the sorts. All you did was rationalize about why you were trying to be rational. That is like a double negative. Fail.

    I have followed what I perceive this plan to be and have had great success. I have made a lifestyle change and have lost 70% of my goal. I will do the rest on my terms, not anyone elses.

    Sure, phrasing my question as the Peanut Butter Debate was a bad choice of words. I forgot that people in the middle of a food/weight loss  CHALLENGE can't come to a LEARNING forum without being further COMPETITIVE. Pretty sad. You would think this is High School Basketball or Cheerleading tryouts. Some of you people need to seriously take the stick out and lighten up.

    Competition is good but when it takes over your whole life and you loose perspective and can't realize that people are on different point of the same path oe even on completely different paths, well, then what is the point. I read all these posts as they came in. Some were great points and others were just argumentative. That I can do without.

    Find another place to grind your axe, Legs. You got it all figured out so why are you trolling this thread?

    I am out of this conversation. Nothing healthy or learned is coming from it anymore.

    Thank you to those who offered constructive information to this question. Most of you know who you are and some of you are just sadly mistaken which is what is really sad.


  • Bilbo99,

        I agree that you do seem to have a good handle on this whole issue.  But I think it's important to remember that although you have a good handle on this issue, there are plenty of people out there who will read this thread, who are struggling with issues like this, and will use some of the things written here to justify eating things that "they" can't handle well.  

       I think that that is one of the misunderstood things about forums like this.  Not all of the replies to a thread like this are intended for the original poster.  Most of the people who frequent these boards have had decent, if not better, success.  But there are a lot of people checking out the boards who don't post because they know they aren't doing well and they want to stay anonymous so that it isn't as embarrassing when they drop out.  I know my earlier comments were intended as much for those who struggle and might come across this thread, as they were for you yourself.

       A transformation should be a positive thing, and should be enjoyable on most levels.  But for a lot of people it's a very serious and depressing experience that ends in failure.  And most of those failures are rooted in small little errors that eventually add up to frustration and then ultimately, quitting.

       So again, I believe you do have a good grip on this subject, but I also feel that there are people who will read this thread that will benefit from a post like Legs' (Mike's.)

    Peace and best of luck,