6th meal ideas

  • Any great ideas out there for the 6th meal?  I had originally started with protein bars because they are quick and easy and help with sugar cravings.  But as I've read several posts warning against using them on a reguar basis I don't want to make them a habit.  I'm sticking with the original authorized food list. I love cottage cheese and yogurt but I'm worried I'll need some variety as I get further along in the 12 week challenge. 

  • Hmmmm.....let's see.

    If you need something for a sweet tooth this is what I like to do.

    1 myoplex vanilla shake packet

    2 tbsp of lime aid concentrate

    blend with 2 cups of water, add ice to thicken.

    basically tastes like a key lime pie shake


    Vanilla Myoplex

    cup of strawberries

    2 tbsp fat free sugar free jello cheesecake pudding mix

    oh yeah, strawberry cheesecake!!

    Other than that my only suggestion is that if you like cottage cheese, add your favorite fruit to it.

  • If I'm having a crawing for desert I like:

    •1 box fat-free, sugar-free chocolate or vanilla pudding

    •2 cups skim milk

    •2 scoops chocolate or vanilla whey protein

    Mix in a blender and your done!

    or try:

    1 small apple sliced

    one portion low-fat cottage cheese and ½ teaspoon cinnamon. (or add natural peanut butter)

    This is my favorite!

    Whole wheat rice cake

    Natural peanut butter

    Strawberry Polaner jelly (sugar free with fiber)



  • Like lorig2727, I'd suggest the protein pudding. Or, 1 portion of yogurt mixed with 1 scoop of whey protein (chocolate or vanilla).

  • I barbecue or bake sweet potatoes for something sweet. When their water evaporates with baking, they become really sweet.

    You can mix cottage cheese with coriander, chopped olives (1), and some anchovies dried from oil and soaked in a bit of cold water to get rid of the salt. This will make a great tasty filling for your sandwich.

    You can use allowed eggs to make an omlette. Use coriander, onion, red pepper as veggies to add to the omlette or go Mediterranean and use your allowed portion of beans to mince it in the mincer with some coriander, dill, onions and spices to create a paste. Add the paste to the eggs. Stir well and  cook as you would an ordinary omlette. Use cooking spray sparingly for frying.

    Google "falafel". It uses all the ingredients from the BFL book.

    Cook sardines or Mackerels a la "Alexandrian style": place on a bedding of fresh sliced tomatoes, coriander, spring onions, dill, leek, (add or delete as you like), stuff with a mixture of the same. Add a very generous dash of fresh lemon or lime juice. Season with spices. Chuck in the oven or microwave till done. I like it very dry. Oily fish is on the BFL menu.

    For something sweet, I use few spoons of chickpeas in syrup. I make the syrup with sweeteners and lime juice. Not the same but alright.

    You can make "bubble and squeak" from cooked shredded cabbage, boiled potatoes, shredded carrots. Google the recipe. Fry in cooking spray.

    What you can do with crab is endless. I think prawns or shrimps were on the table as well.

    In fact, the possibilities are endless with the BFL menu. It looks meager at first glance but it is not at all.

    You can even make stuffed green pepper with it. It's a Greek recipe. Google it. You can replace Greek cheese with cottage cheese. Instead of oil, use cooking spray. Use brown rice Instead of white rice. It will be a bit tricky to get the brown rice cooked well first as it needs more water than white rice. But in the end, the result is the same.

    In fact I have hundreds of recipes I created from the BFL table. I love my food and can't live without good food. So I invented many. I think I will post them to the website in "recipes".

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