New Food Ideas

  • I'm about to begin my 3rd week of BFL.  I've done it in the past and I know that this program WORKS for me, however, I also know myself and I know that I get bored eating the same thing over and over.  I'm getting ready to make my grocery list for week 3 and I would love some new ideas.  Here's an example of what I've been eating:

    Oatmeal w/ splenda and cinnamon

    Whole Wheat 100 calorie bagels w/ FF cream cheese

    Hard Boiled egg whites

    Egg beaters

    Tuna on whole wheat bread w/ FF mayo, apples, onion and dill relish

    chicken *** w/ veggies or wrapped in a w/w tortilla


    brown rice

    apples w/ cinnamon and spray butter heated in microwave

    FF yogurt

    turkey bacon

    apple w/ natural pb

    I find myself craving sweets...any different ideas on sweet?  I do not like cottage cheese, btw...i see that a lot on the posts and I wish I liked it but unfortunately I don't.  I've never tried the shakes, I will look for those at Wal-Mart this evening!  Any other ideas????  I really want to be sucessful and the discipline of this diet is exactly what I help me out so I don't get bored w/ my food! :)  Thanks ahead of time for any ideas!

  • hmw0250,

    Congrats on being 3 weeks in!!!! You have momentum now! KEEP GOING!!  

    Myoplex shakes are a great way to get a full and balanced meal. I use myoplex original and deluxe but the lite are great for women. I hear you about cottage cheese. I use Cottage chesse dry curds. The are mainly used for baking but they are great. They don't taste anything like cottage cheese and they are higher in protien and lower in fat than cottage cheese.

    Also, just my opinion, but I watch how much bread you eat. Are you adding lots of veggies to your meals as well? very important.

    For me, and this is just my experience so don't take it the wrong way, I was so focused on my goals that as long as what I ate was "authorized" it didn't matter what it was. If I had to eat cottage cheese and yogurt 6 times a day I would just to reach my goals. Losing weight and getting my butt back into shape became more important than how my food tasted. Now that I am closer to where I want to be physically I can add a few things to spice up my meals and not have it set me back. Did I ever get a littel bored with chicken b reast and broccolli? a litte, but I am glad I stuck to it!

    All the best with your challenge


  • Hi Everybody, I am from South Africa and I bought the body for life women book. I am going through a divorce, feel low and am just overall untoned, and not physically strong. I am hoping that body for life will just help me get started on my road to fitness. I started smoking the odd cigarette as well for my nerves but am going to stop with that as well. I guess I just need some encouragement and ideas around food. Yesterday I bought USN ( south african product similar to myoplex) shakes and a fat burner and today I am going to go to gym.

    so wish me luck

  • Does anyone have a substitute for cottage cheese. The stuff is just too nasty for me.