What I ate during my challenge

  • This is what i ate during my challenge. It was nothing fancy. I choose things that were easy for me to be able to eat at work since i eat 4 meals at work. Myoplex really helped me by making things very easy. My goal was to get to 190 as of last week i was 8 # shy of that goal. Am i dispointed not really. I can tie my shoes with out huffin and puffin like the big bad wolf. I know some of you are with me on this. My next goal is 175 but my wife thinks that might be too skinny. She thinks that i look good now but i can still grab a handful of gut so am not happy. So the question is should i bulk up or attempt to stay at the 190-200 with more muscle or continue with the 175 goal and see how it looks.

    What I ate

    P.S. I plan to have my entire workout regiment uploaded by Monday. I will post that in the Gym section. It will also be on my member page

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  • Thanks for the link, it was interesting to see your daily log and I appreciate the insight!  I see you ate a lot of cottage cheese!

  • I had cottage cheese for my 6th meal for the entire six weeks. My wife started by having cottage cheese for the 6th meal but in the last month she switch to a protein bar (ex. myoplex lite). I know that ppl dont like these and they say it must be used as a last resort but it kept her from going off track. I rather her take a protein bar then a snickers bar. She always chose ones with good chocolate taste.

  • What program do you need to view the file?

  • mine just opened a new internet window

  • You need to have excel. If you don't have excel you can download openoffice.org. free office suite. another option is if you have a gmail account you can download the file and open it with google docs. Hopeful this helps

  • Water intake 200 - 240 oz average a day that is what i took. 30 minutes before a workout i drank 16oz of water and yes i did have to use the bathroom alot. I contempated buying some diaper. lol :-) I have written everything in this journal including when i messed up. I forgot to add day 78 and 79 i had a handful of popcorn.

    Something that helped me combat the sweet tooth was extra sugar free gum http://www.wrigley.com/global/brands/extra.aspx. They really taste good and only have 5 calories. I would limit this to twice a day but by all means if you have to eat more then do so it is better than eating something really bad.

  • I should really start spell checking. lol. It seems like anytime am going to post something, things around me get crazy and i just want to hurry up and post it...I will try to be better about this in the future