Breakfast help?

  • I'm planning week one. Starts tomorrow. I noticed most of the breakfast suggestions are eggs and good protein sources. On my early mornings I like Greek (usually Total 0%) with fruit in the AM. Is there any reason why I couldn't (shouldn't) have that on the challenge?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.


  • I think It would be wise to start the day with a good protein source. A shake or some eggs are good choices. If you have trouble time wise in the AM, cook a breakfast entree' the night before:)

  • If you are talking about Greek yogurt, and you are adding fruit, that s/b fine, as long as your ratios are right.  When I have greek yogurt, it usually is a little lower than my 20g protein I need, so I have a boiled egg white with it, and it puts me right where I need to be.  I boil about 12 eggs every Sunday for the week ahead.  You could also add a little bit of cottage cheese instead....For most women, you are shooting for 20g protein/20g carb with every meal.  Men are usually a bit higher.

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